The Best Way to Outfox the New Fat Traps

While most of us know how to avoid the obvious dietary pitfalls such as an unhealthy bag of crunchy chips and fast delicacies, food marketers are continually changing their game. As a result, making healthy choices is difficult for many people. This does not mean it is impossible; you can know the marketing ploys being used to be better prepared.

Problems with the menu

Some people believe that dining out is much better and healthier today than it was in the past. People going out to different restaurants have discovered there are healthier food choices than a few years ago. However, many eateries end up steering their customers towards options that are not very nutritious. Some claim to offer healthy food, but blame people for not ordering them. This happens because the restaurants are using a lot of resources to encourage customers to buy other options. On many menus there are pages of healthy and delicious looking meals, but at the back are a number of items not so healthy. Also, some eateries do not get down to making their healthy foods delicious and customers end up going for unhealthy but delicious options.

Most markup dishes

Some restaurants are also quite sneaky as they come up with menus that direct customers to foods with a higher margin of return but of low quality, processed and starchier. You can start by ensuring you have avoided the part of the menu with unhealthy foods and eat in eateries with great tasting low calorie food options. A good example is trying out a Greek or Japanese eatery and other fresh options.

Junky visuals

While walking down the supermarket shelves it is possible to find the junky foods are very conspicuous and visually tempting. Before you think it is your imagination playing tricks on you, the images and graphics on food labels are now designed in a dynamic way to improve attraction and draw all your attention. A bag of potato chips seems like it is flying out into your arms with food showing a lot of garnishing and in bowls ready to be eaten. While decades ago a cookie packaging only showed cookies, the modern one has a number of cookies and splashes of healthy milk.

Visually appealing images tempting the mind as well

The more photos you look at of tantalizing foods the more you will crave the item. Studies show that those foods with high calories and conspicuous images ends up increasing hunger by over 20 percent with the urge to buy sweets increasing by over 20 percent as well, in contrast to the images of nonfood items.  Graphic images showing unhealthy but delicious foods has also been found to bypass the brain’s part dealing with the reason where the brain ignores the urge to remain healthy by entertaining the emotional part desiring cravings.

To avoid falling to the lure of junk foods, find an app that allows you to store your list of foods and grocery you need to buy. You can also download an app for your Smartphone that allows you to scan the bar code of your food. A reality check from these tools could help you to fight off cravings.

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