The Best Ways to Get Healthy and Love Doing It

Everyone wants to be in great shape but not many of us want to do that little extra in order to realize our health goals.  It only takes a resolution and willingness to make a plan and stick to it for living a better life that will end up rendering you as healthy, happy and strong as possible.

Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, you’ve got to stop – like yesterday.  There are all sorts of ways to quit, from teeth-gritting cold turkey to nicotine substitute patches and gum.

If those techniques don’t work for you, there are therapists who specialize in smoking cessation.  The technique is known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and consists of identifying the negative thoughts that trigger stress and result in you reaching for that cigarette.

Once identified, you and your therapist can work out a method to both mitigate this negativity and find other ways to deal with it other than smoking.

Start a Regular Workout Regimen

Start with calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI), which is your weight, usually in kilograms, divided by the square of your height, usually in meters.  It’s a simple method of putting your body fat into a measurable and, thus, comparable framework.

As the period of your new fitness regimen progresses, you’ll be able to get an accurate representation of your progress using the BMI.

Join a local gym, one that’s easy to get to and simple to park at.  The local YMCA will do just fine and is usually the best value for your money.  Make an appointment with one of the staff trainers, who will help measure your BMI and design an appropriate workout routine to get you started – usually a 90-minute circuit that you’ll do 3-times-per-week, at the beginning.

If after doing your workout circuit for a week or two, you find your having pain – stop everything and see your doctor.  You could be suffering from a soft tissue injury, especially if you’ve had a car accident and did not receive appropriate physical therapy afterwards.

If the orthopedist determines that your pain is a leftover issue from an accident, like sudden deceleration trauma from a car wreck, don’t worry about it.  A good attorney knows how to re-open an accident case, even if it happened up to 3-years before you started experiencing pain.

For more information about how to reexamine a past insurance settlement, visit and allow an attorney skilled in this type of procedure investigate your case.

Eat the Right Stuff

You are what you eat, right?  So changing your eating habits can do a lot for getting the condition of your body and skin on the right track and should complement the other, new healthy life choices that you’ve decided to make.

A good place to start eating right is by making a weekly meal plan.  This a handy tool to help you see what you’re going to eat all week and grasp how these foods are going to fit into your caloric picture.

Pack that plan with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables so that you get the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need to make your skin glow and help prevent heart disease and/or diabetes.

Once you have your meal plan it will be much easier to shop for exactly the right foods to fit into that plan.  Get rid of the processed junk foods that are full of sugar, starch and salt and replace them with healthy provisions that will make it so much easier to prepare healthy meals.  Stocking the right foods will also make it convenient for you to start packing your lunch rather than eating fast junk food for lunch at work.

All of us give in to temptation every once in a while and you’ll probably stray from your meal plan when something wonderfully chocolaty presents itself.  But if you must have chocolate around the house, try to, at least, keep it out of sight and, thus hopefully, out of mind.  Make a deal with yourself; chocolate only every other day.

Take Care of Your Skin

Everyone likes to look tan and healthy but, unfortunately, there is nothing better at damaging your skin than the sun.  Those ultraviolet rays that cause your skin to darken are also adept at breaking the bonds between your skin’s molecules and causing havoc, wrinkles and even cancer.

The best method for preserving your skin is to stay out of the sun as much as possible.  When activities, like swimming, do necessitate exposing your body, be sure to use an effective sun block-out.  Remember, once your skin starts to turn from molecular degradation, it’s pretty much impossible to bring it back.