The Convenience Of Having An In Home Personal Trainer

When we think of healthy living, we think of eating right, getting regular exercise and all activities recreational to help relieve ourselves of our stress levels. Stress in the modern day has been one of the key contributors to blame for heart related diseases as well as weight gain.

So why do we feel stress in our lives? 

Stress always comes with a deadline for getting things done, whether it be for our boss at work, or our dependents at home, we always feel we are against the clock.

Being in this state of mind, we always feel that we don’t have the adequate time for fitness or healthy eating. Getting to the gym and back is a huge convenience and having to prepare meals and do the dishes is just too much time consumed when there are other matters on hand. 

So what’s the solution? 

We don’t want to involve stress free activities in our life if they are going to be to stressful to schedule! A great alternative for scheduling your fitness sessions is to have a fitness trainer at home. This has its many advantages that I will explain below. 

The advantages of hiring an in home personal trainer

  • Less Stress – As mentioned above, fitness is a lot healthier when not stressing about fitting it in your schedule. This is better for your overall wellness, metabolism and hormonal balance. Less stress is best for a healthy heart.
  •  Saving Money – Gym memberships are expensive, especially when living in a metropolitan city such as London. That’s just the start. If you wish to hire a trainer, this is additional on top of your membership fee along with other smaller expenses incurred. Eating out before or after the gym will also cause you to fork out if in the city. Last but not least, venturing across the city later after work increases travel costs, whether you drive or take the subway. 
  • Less Travel – By training at home, you can be ensured to save at least an hour of travel time a day when commuting back and forth from the city. That time can be better spent, by doing things like getting ready for the next day, or meeting a friend for coffee! When talking about stress once again, taking public transport more throughout the day, and staying out in the hustle and bustle for too long is not good for the body and mind. 
  • Healthy Meals – If you haven’t hit the gym, then perhaps you are home a few hours early. Why not take this chance to prepare yourself a healthy meal before your trainer arrives later. Make sure you have the right nutrients before your workout, and something light with a protein source for when you’re finished. If there is extra time, why not prepare a lunch to bring to work the next day. 
  • Comfort Levels – Arranging your fitness sessions in your own home gives the advantage of privacy. If you are new to working out or simply its been a long time since if you’ve been in your rhythm, you may not want other observers in the room being conscious of your activity. By have a personal trainer come to you, you can feel fully confident that everything discussed or performed is not overheard by the public. 
  • Have A Partner Participate – If you are at home, you may have your partner, or possibly a friend or relative who make like to join in the sessions. This might make you feel more motivated or at ease with your fitness program, and also may reduce the cost by splitting the time with another person. 
  • More Funds – Now that you haven’t invested more money into the gym, perhaps channel that wealth to other areas of your well-being?A good idea would be to buy more healthy groceries for the week or start investing in your home gym! Don’t depend on your trainer to bring everything!
  • No Excuses – Now that you’re home, you can’t say that you don’t have the time for fitness. By having your fitness trainer come to you, there are less excuses to cancel or move your schedule around. 

Wrap Up 

I hope you having taken an extra step towards planning your fitness goals after reading my passage above. If you have any more questions please read out London Fitness – In Home Personal Training for more questions. They would be delighted to fill you in about all the benefits of having an exercise specialist in the comfort of your own home.