The ‘Opportuniteas’ of Transparency: Communicating with Candor

I want to revisit the themes of a previous post concerning authenticity and transparency.

I want to take this opportunity on behalf of Opportuniteas, a leading provider of high-quality and affordable supplements, to reiterate the importance of the principles referenced above.

I want entrepreneurs to know that authenticity is not another marketing
buzzword, a value that resonates among participants in a focus group and an
ideal that registers at the cash register, so to speak.

I want executives in the health and wellness industry to know – I want them
to respect – the need for transparency.

I want them to know we know the difference between the sincerity of the
actions behind these words versus the mere use of these words.

(I cite Opportuniteas because of the work the company does, and the
commitment the brand has, regarding the fulfillment of these virtues.)

I also do not want companies to render language meaningless: I will not
allow them – the public must not permit them – to devalue the currency of
speech; to empty the integrity of a word such as integrity, and
authenticity and transparency, too; to manipulate us with the sound of
phrases, which no longer have any moral soundness; to sell us stuff, at any
cost, up to and including the price of our souls.

Some things are, thankfully, not for sale.

Please note: My rules are not a chance for me to rue the passage of an era
of ethical leadership and corporate citizenship.

Opportuniteas is a reminder that a company can do well by doing good; by
enhancing the subject of health and wellness.

The more we encourage other businesses to follow this example, the more
secure we will be in the purchases we make and the products we consume.

That milestone is cause for celebration.