These Kits Promise Healthy, Full Hair Forever

There can be a lot of problems that come with aging but going bald has to be one of the worst. As many as 30% of survey participants said they would abstain from sex for the rest of their lives if only they could have their hair back. Although both men and women suffer from hair loss, men suffer at a much higher rate. Around 40% of men in the United States have noticeable hair loss by the time they are 35.

With such a large emphasis placed on having a full head of hair, there is obviously a large market filled with a lot of competing products. Creams, pills, and shampoos are the most common and least invasive methods used to combat a receding hairline.

Before considering expensive surgery, here are some products designed to help you regain thicker hair.

  • Hims Hair Kit

The traditional procedure of visiting a doctor is becoming a bit of a luxury afforded by those with extensive healthcare and free time. In an attempt to serve an ever-growing market, hims has made getting the prescription medicine you need cheaper and easier than ever before. A short, five-minute consultation with a licensed doctor must be completed for all new clients. After that, you’ll be able to choose the kit or individual products recommended by your physician.

Hims offers the same compounds you would be prescribed if you saw a doctor in their office. Your insurance may apply, but with prices quoted at up to 80% below what you would pay in a pharmacy, you may not be able to save much more. You won’t find an easier way to order prescription strength medicine than through hims. All products are guaranteed, and you’re able to stop your subscription at any time with no obligation.

Before setting up an appointment with a conventional doctor and going through the inconvenient process thereafter, give hims a try. If you’re still on the fence, consider reading through some Hims hair kit reviews to see what others are saying.

  • Keranique Regrowth Products

Although hair loss manifests itself the worst in men, women are not immune from thinning hair. More than 60% of women in the US have noticeably thinning hair by the time they have reached the age of 60. The expansive beauty market has birthed thousands of products designed to increase volume or fill in gaps, but few have been clinically proven to help regrow lost hair.

The Keranique hair growth system is an over-the-counter treatment specifically made for women. This four-product kit is designed to add volume and thickness while stimulating scalp growth and vigor.

The shampoo included is engineered to clean away build-up from the scalp to promote a healthy environment for new growth, while the conditioner will repair strands and follicles, and at the same time mend the damage and split ends. The medicated spray treatment in this kit can be applied precisely where you need the most improvement. To complete the look, a product has been included to add shine, body, and bounce to even the thinnest scalp.

  • Nioxin Products

For a more premium hair and scalp treatment system, look no further than Nioxin and their large line of products. You will find treatment catered to any stage of baldness or hair type within their catalogs. These salon-quality products are sure to please those who won’t settle for anything less.

The 3D care system from Nioxin offers six levels, depending on your hair and scalp type, and stage of hair loss. These kits are meant as a starting place, with more targeted solutions available in addition. You will find shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in treatment in each package; these products are designed to promote good scalp health and an optimum environment for hair growth. Your hair is guaranteed to look thicker and fuller soon after starting treatment.

For fuller and thicker hair, Nioxin offers targeted treatment products made to add diameter to each strand. You may not think it, but hair breakage can be a major issue that leads to a less full look. You can fight breakage and allow your hair to reach its full potential using Nioxin’s 3D intensive care treatments.

You’re not as hopeless in the fight against hair loss as your grandparents may have been if you use the tools available to you. In a society that is obsessed with vanity, you need to look your best to feel your best. Regaining a full head of hair that you lost doesn’t have to be an expensive and lengthy medical process with products on the market today, so give them a try if you’re suffering.