Tips to Ease Back Pain While Pregnant

The baby inside your tummy changes your entire center of gravity during pregnancy. Because of that, your pelvis will shift forward, leading to a common type of back pain known as PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain). This type of back pain span from the pubic bone and hips all the way to the middle lower back. 

In addition to that, a lot of women lean backward naturally in order to compensate for the forward shift of the pelvis. This boosts their lower back’s curve. This will possibly lead to lower back pain. While buying back-related equipment and products could be a great solution – try to find a good source of these products like – preferably the suggestion of companies in this article.

With those things, it will certainly add up to many pains and aches. Luckily, there are several ways to treat and prevent it. Here are some of the ways.


Since it keeps your muscles from getting extremely tight, staying mobile can actually help with back pain. During pregnancy, several types of physical activity can be uncomfortable. However, one pregnancy-friendly way to keep moving is swimming. 

A lot of professionals also recommend doing squats against a wall if you already have lower back pain. This will provide you support and minimize lower back bend at the same time. You should also choose fitness activities that do not include forward bending if you’ve got pain around your pubic bone, hips, butt, and low back. 

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Extremely tight pelvic muscles are another contributor to back pain. With the help of a pelvic floor physiotherapist, you can work on those muscles by doing a certain type of massage. This therapy also has additional advantages as well. Physiotherapy also has the advantage to help overall posture.

Deep Breathing

During pregnancy, belabored breathing often contributes to back pain. Women tend to have diaphragms that do not properly function since their organs get squished up from the size and weight of the baby whenever they are pregnant. To help you keep your rib cage properly moving, you should use proper breathing methods. Professionals recommend doing the core breath. In this, your ribs in and down on the exhale and out and up on the inhale. 

Chiropractic Care

You might be worried that a chiropractic therapy might twist your bones. However, during pregnancy, chiropractic care can be very gentle. It is crucial that you select someone who is specifically trained in treating postpartum and pregnant women. Also, the chiropractor must have a unique table to accommodate the belly of a pregnant woman. To help align the pelvis and other bones, the chiropractor will make adjustments manually. 

Perfect Your Posture

It can have a huge influence on soothing and preventing back pain if you make some minor changes to the way you stand and sit. Whenever you stand, pay attention to where you feel the weight in your feet. It is best that you try to get your weight into the heels. This means that you might have to lean backwards a bit. Also, you should try to keep your feet hip-width apart since keeping them close together while pregnant can irritate your back. 

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Your back can also be influenced by how you sit. Try staying close to the edge of the seat whenever you are sitting. With this, your pelvis will become more mobile and help with back pain. Also, you should avoid sitting for a long period. You’ll have tight hip flexor muscles if you sit too much. This will pull on your lower back. 

Have a Massage

For your back pain, a massage therapist can provide relief. Though they may not be focused on your back itself, a massage therapist will be able to loosen up tight muscles. This will provide you some relief. You can also utilize a foam roller to massage yourself.