To Bask in the Sunlight of Nature: The Story of Sunnabis

If you want to see the beauty of nature, if you want to enjoy the health benefits of nature’s bounty, if you want to witness the boundless energy of nature – of an environment in balance with its surroundings – go to Humboldt County, California, home of some of the world’s best medicinal

Talk to Wendy Kornberg, Founder of Sunnabis, which cultivates a series of high-end strains of cannabis.

Talk to Wendy because her approach to health and wellness begins with her respect for nature.

A respect she honors as a second-generation cannabis farmer whose reverence for the land is as great as her regard for this part of the country, whose work is akin to the toil of a famed winemaker – of vintner who prunes, waters and feeds each vine, in a vineyard as rich as the finest vintage – because she knows patience is indispensable to growing a premium product, whose wisdom is the result of her humility because she knows too much to so knows too much to so carelessly overuse her crops.

I offer this comparison because of the practices of the top winemakers in Napa Valley, California, which is 200 miles south of Humboldt County.

They understand, as does Wendy, that you must have the right conditions to produce an award-winning product.

Imagine Wendy, then, in this fertile region of the Golden State, where the environment – from the richness of the soil, with its soft texture and sparkling array of minerals, to the ideal temperature and moisture of this part of Northern California – offers the right setting to develop strains of cannabis worthy of this picturesque locale.

Atop the hills facing the Eel River, where lush acres of greenery run parallel to this body of water, Wendy maintains the traditions of her family – she sustains the current of a vast ecosystem – with passion and professionalism.

That commitment is how innovation enables evolution, how evolutionary advances become revolutionary achievements, thanks to the entrepreneur who does not relent and the executive who does not relinquish her pursuit of excellence.

That story is Wendy’s entry in a volume about the power of history and a pledge to make history, by upholding the history of her forbears whose legacy emerges from the earth – whose roots extend deep into the earth – so we may heal and recover in peace.

That history is too valuable to ignore.