Top 10 Exercise Myths and Facts for a Healthy Physique

There are all sorts of myths about fitness, which have somehow made their way into the mainstream. These myths typically state things that sound too good to be true, and often more than not are. It’s crucial that you steer clear of these exercise myths, and only apply the facts in order to get the best overall results. Some of the many exercise myths are briefed down below.

1) Stretching before a workout, helps prevent injuries
This is one of the most commonly widespread myths, having to do with exercising and fitness. But, it isn’t necessarily true as experts believe that stretching before a workout does more bad, than good. Stretching affects the overall performance because it destabilizes muscles, decreasing a person’s range of motion.  

2) Crunches and ab workouts lose belly fat
Crunches and ab workouts are focused on the stomach, but don’t really help in losing belly fat. If a person has a high body fat percentage, his abs would be covered with fat. In order to get a truly flat stomach, or toned abs it is necessary to get rid of the body fat first.

Body fat can be lost by doing lots of cardio, and implementing a proper diet. Garcinia cambogia reviews have shown how effective this food is for weight loss. So, if you really want to lose your belly fat. Do loads of cardio, and buy Garcinia Cambogia.

3) Yoga treats back pain
Yoga can help with back pain which is muscle related, as it helps stretch and tone those lower back muscles. However, if the back pain is related to a ruptured disc, yoga might not be able to fix that. Rather, by doing yoga the injured area could be irritated, resulting in more pain.

4) Vegetarian diets are better than diets including meat
Excluding a whole food group from your diet altogether can’t do much good. Meat provides iron to the body, which aids the function of the body by producing enzymes which fight infections.

5) Cardio kills gains
Many people think that running acts as counterproductive to building muscles. This is wrong, running in fact helps strengthen the bones and develops more muscles especially, in the lower body area.  

6) Warm baths cure soreness in muscles
Cold water serves as a better option to prevent soreness in muscles. The soreness usually occurs due to the expansion of vessels, cold water helps contract them, in return making the soreness go away.

7) More sweat equals more calories burned
This isn’t entirely true, as releasing sweat is the body’s mechanism to cool itself down. Sweat can be caused due to a range of factors which include the environment, a person’s physiology and the season of course.

8) Fresh fruit is superior to frozen fruit
Frozen fruits can be better than fresh fruits due to the fact that it takes days, even weeks for fresh fruits to hit the supermarket from their initial place. Whereas, frozen fruits are frozen as soon as they ripen, thus preserving the nutrients and calories.

9) Running isn’t good for knees
Studies and surveys prove otherwise. Running helps prevent serious knee injuries in people of older age, and also helps strengthen the knees from many types of other injuries.

10) Drinking water helps lose weight
The eight glasses a day argument is false, as there aren’t enough arguments to back up all the claims. Drinking a lot of water also doesn’t make you any less hungry, a person should drink water only when he or she is thirsty. A normal person loses 4 – 6 glasses of water on average per day.

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