Omega 3 Eggs: Are They Really Worth The Price?


Straight off the bat, this article will explain why omega 3 eggs are basically worthless!

It will show you some of the label loopholes when you’re shopping at your grocery store.

  1. The first one is the label “free range”. Free range basically means that these chickens had to have access to the outdoors, and that’s the keyword here, access. In other words, they can pile these chickens three chickens high inside of a small barn as long there is a small little door there, that can be opened and closed, whether it’s open or it’s closed doesn’t matter, they can label these eggs, “free range”.
  2. The second one is “cage free” and it’s basically the same thing as free range. As long as the chickens are outside of a cage they can be labeled cage free, this doesn’t mean that they’re not crammed in a small little barn on top of each other and being mistreated. Keep that in mind when you go and buy free range or cage free.
  3. The third one is “pasture raised”. This is just a complete scam because there’s no standard at all. These manufacturers that sell you eggs could just put pasture raised down there to try and make you think that it’s healthier and there’s no standard at all on whether or not they can do that so they can just label it that if they want to.
  4. The fourth one is “hormone free”. This is simply not applicable and so what manufacturers will do is they’ll use this hormone-free label to make you think that you’re eating healthier chickens, well, in North America, hormones aren’t used to raise chickens anyways. It’s completely irrelevant.
  5. The last one and the biggest lie of all is the “omega 3” one. When you’re buying omega 3 eggs, it is a huge scam because what the manufacturers or/ farmers will end up doing is that the end of a chicken’s cycle, they’ll feed them a bunch of flax seed to raise up the amount of omega 3’s in them, so that they can go ahead and manufacture that and put it on the label. They become very high in a fat called ALA, and ALA in omega 3 is worthless because it needs to be converted to the high-quality DHA and EPA which is the real omega 3 that you’re looking for. So if you buy omega 3 eggs it is a complete scam, stay away from it.

Here’s what you should do instead:


  • Google a local farmer in your area, or a local farmer’s market!


If you have a relationship with a local farmer, that’s where you should buy eggs every week. It’s easy to notice that the yolk in these eggs is a deep orange because it contains all the healthy cholesterol and the vitamins and minerals that you need along with the healthy protein.

Now, keep in mind, if you’re just buying store bought eggs, that’s completely okay, just don’t fall for one of these scams, and just keep in mind that store-bought eggs are great protein, and they’re going to be a heck of a lot better choice than a muffin, a bagel, a granola bar, or these healthy snacks that spike insulin and put your body in a fat storing environment.

Just don’t fall for these scams, and if you want the real nutrition, find a local farmer, or a local farmer’s market, and build a relationship with them and you’ll find that you get a higher quality egg at a lot cheaper price.

There are  dozens of food scams and label loopholes that are happening when you shop for groceries and spend your hard earned money at the grocery store.

One of the ones that irk many is the olive oil scam.


  • The olive oil in your kitchen right now is probably fake!


There was a huge study done that showed that 80% of all olive oils are fake and contain up to 80% vegetable oil, which contains dangerous trans fats, and these trans fats force your body to store more visceral fat, the hardest type of fat to get rid of.

Hope you enjoyed the slightly unusual read, and the next time you’re out shopping for eggs, you’ll be more the wiser!


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