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The Vegan diet is often confused with the vegetarian diet. It is easy to confuse the two diets because they have extremely similar names. However, both diets are quite different from each other. The Vegan diet is categorized as a balanced diet and focuses on food products that are rich in fiber. It was designed for several different purposes: heart health, diabetes prevention, and weight loss.

The Vegan diet is similar to the vegetation diet because both diets exclude meat. But the Vegan diet is slight more extreme, and excludes all animal products. For instance, eggs, dairy products, and poultry are excluded from the diet.  This is the most common type of diet for people who believe that killing animals for meat is horrible. Regardless, there are still plenty of recipes that you can make which are both delicious and nutritious. Since lean meat and all animal products are cut from your diet, that narrows down your options. You will be eating plenty of veggies, nuts, fruits, and grains. This diet helps people lose weight but it was not primarily designed to help people lose weight as quickly as possible. It will help you lose weight but in the long run – it is more like a lifestyle change.