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Vitality from Vitamin Energy: The Power without the Crash

Energy drinks abound, from those with outrageous marketing campaigns to others with seemingly outrageous claims. But none of these products dare to promote the even more outrageous –– none of them assert that sugar is good for you because, well, it is not. These brands may seek to associate themselves with health and fitness, but their respective ingredients belie any assertions to the contrary.

I say that because I have done, and continue to do, a lot of research about these products. And the exception to this rule is Vitamin Energy, because it has plenty of Vitamin C and no sugar. Thus the product’s name is self-explanatory; that it provides a vitamin too many get too little of; that it provides the energy boost people want, without the crash that is all too common among competing products; that it avoids sugar because that ingredient alone undermines any legitimacy about quality and/or safety.

I cite this product because I scrutinize the ingredients of the foods, snacks and beverages I consume. I also do not buy anything I would not consume. I cite this product, then, to make a larger point: that we can have the best ingredients – with the best results – if we demand it; if we encourage entrepreneurs to pursue that goal; if we invest in entrepreneurs who are pursuing that goal. For business success is about expanding choice and enhancing innovation.

The Vitamin Energy team understands what consumers want. That product energizes without subsequent feelings of enervation. It has the potential to increase immunity without the risk of injury. It has excellent taste without the temptations of sugar. It has a formulation for victory, not a series of victims.

A commitment to health and wellness warrants celebration. It deserves our attention – it should be the center of attention – because it can change an industry for the better. It can improve quality for tens of millions of consumers, encouraging others to do likewise. It can advance athleticism without acquiescing to crass commercialism or mass production.

Instead, it can manufacture a product for the masses that it is safe, superior and effective.