Ways to Bond with your Unborn Baby

Even though there isn’t any eye contact with your unborn child, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any contact. Apart from the sixth sense a mother uses to communicate with the growing fetus, there are other ways to make the baby part of the family. It’s important to start these routines as soon as possible because even an unborn child has emotional needs.


For some this suggestion sounds rather ridiculous, especially to new dads, but it is the simplest form of making the baby feel involved. You should try to talk to the baby as much as possible. Just going about your daily routine and telling the baby what you are doing is more effective than most people realize. Even singing is a great way of letting your baby know what your voice sounds like. Their hearing never stops developing and reaching 23 weeks they can hear everything you say.


When you feel the baby kicking or moving around, take the opportunity to touch your belly. It’s good for the baby to feel acknowledgement. While touching your belly, you should speak as well, saying things to empower the acknowledgement. A lot of mothers like to play a back and forth game with kicking and poking. When the baby kicks you, gently poke your belly and see how he/she responds.


Music is the language of the soul and introducing it to your unborn baby has been praised by many experts and specialist. This can be incorporated in many situations. Most mothers prefer it at bed-time or early morning. Once again, it’s a good idea to sing along while rubbing your tummy because letting them enjoy gentle and soothing sounds helps a great deal in their development.

Heart to heart

As mentioned above, talking forms the biggest part of connecting. Another helpful way of bonding is 3d/4d ultrasound, which provides photos and recordings of your unborn baby. Take a few minutes each day to be alone with your baby. Find a quiet space, and looking at the picture start talking from the heart. Tell the baby what you are feeling when you look at the picture and talk about what you see. The moment you talk about these things you will feel the emotions as well. This is what your baby will pick up on.


Last but not least, take some time to have 20 – 30 minute sessions where you place both hands on your tummy and just relax. When you close your eyes visualize your baby. Think about all the happiness you are feeling and how happy you are going to be when your baby finally gets to look at you. Your baby will feel everything you do during the pregnancy so keep this in mind.

These are just a few suggestions among many. There aren’t any set ways to bond with your baby so use your imagination. All mothers find their own special way of communicating. The rest of the family can all join in making the baby feel at home before birth takes place. Let him/her get used to the voices of family members.