Ways To Boost A Woman’s Fertility

Infertility is now affecting numerous women all around the world. In the US alone there are 7.4 million that are reported. Fortunately, lifestyle changes and extra knowledge of fertility treatments and conception odds can help women. There are many different ways in which you can boost a woman’s fertility. Let’s focus on those that are usually recommended by top fertility clinics before IVF.

Make Diet And Weight Changes

Maintaining a truly healthy weight and diet can do wonders at boosting your fertility. It was recently shown that women that are obese or overweight have it harder to become pregnant. Normal BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9. Being above 25 means you are overweight. Studies proved that pregnancy possibility is lowered by 4% for every single BMI higher than 29.

Remember that you want to regularly work out and stay healthy. Nutritious foods have to be eaten when you want to conceive. Additionaly, it has been proven that superfood diet has a positive impact on fertility.

Reduce Stress

Stress is very bad for your body. When you want to be pregnant, it is important to reduce stress. Unfortunately, this is more difficult than you might think. Women feel stress when they work hard to become pregnant so reducing both stress and anxiety can be difficult. The problem is that women that are highly stressed have an increased infertility risk. Reducing stress was proven to increase the possibility of being pregnant by an incredible 29% in many cases.

Avoid Coffee, Alcohol And Cigarettes

People love coffee. It is really easy to understand why since they help us all stay happy. Unfortunately, caffeine does decrease fertility. Those that want to be pregnant need to reduce intake to a maximum of 200 mg per day.

Remember the fact that caffeine is not included just in coffee. You also find it in a number of soft drinks, chocolate and tea. Keep in mind that the possibility of being pregnant drops by over 50% when you also drink alcohol. This all means you should avoid both alcohol and coffee when you want to become pregnant.

Speaking about cigarettes, the truth is every person in the world should avoid them. Your body is going to be negatively affected in numerous ways when you smoke. Stopping smoking needs to be a huge part of preconception routine. Women just need to quit smoking if they want to have a baby.

Vitamins And Folic Acid

Vitamins will increase overall health while offering the body what is needed. As you try to have a child or you are pregnant, the body needs to be properly fuelled. There are different minerals and vitamins that can increase the possibility of becoming pregnant.

The one nutrient you absolutely need to remember is folic acid. It helps prevent spina bifida so you need it in proper quantities. Also, the vitamin will improve various body functions, especially if combined with more B vitamins. Research showed us that when women take B6 and they have troubles conceiving, fertility is increased. Vitamin B12 also improves sperm count so men should consider that.