What are Moles and How do you Deal with Them

Moles are very common and in most cases are completely harmless and many people that have them will never give them even a second thought.

How is a Mole Created?

Moles are simple in their formation, they are created through a collection of cells called melanocytes – these are the cells that create pigmentation in the skin. Generally, moles are quite light in their colour though this can vary and all shades of brown are commonplace. Moles are also usually circular or oblong in shape. They can also be flat on the skin or rose above it and can have hair, as well as smooth or tough textures. In short there is no prescribed way for a mole to look.

In a lot of cases people will find that moles come and go and often those they even change shape with time. Other factors like pregnancy, puberty and hormonal changes also affect moles and their prevalence. Outside of these factors, most moles will appear in the first 30 years of life. Generally, you will be more likely to have moles if you have lighter skin too. Other factors that affect moles are genetics and your exposure to sunlight.

As we’ve already stated most moles are completely harmless and aside from cosmetic issues, most people do not ever have to worry about them. Moles can affect self-confidence and many people don’t like them if they’re too prevalent. They can also be quite impractical and get caught on things like razor blades or can end up caught in clothes.

In some cases, though very few, moles can be a medical concern and can cause cancer. The sort of cancer caused by moles is known as melanoma – which is a very common but aggressive form of cancer of the skin.

Most moles will never have an issue of this sort; however the best way to prevent the likelihood of melanoma is to cover up moles from the sun. Covering up melanoma from the sun will greatly increase the chances of cancer developing. UV protective sun creams are also idea and will prevent most issues too.

However, if you do have moles it’s best to check them regularly and ensure that they don’t change shape, colour, or size. Changes to the edges of the moles can also cause problems, so be aware of these too. If there are any issues or you have any concerns then the best thing to do is to consult a doctor – better to be safe than sorry.

Radio Surgical Mole Removal

One of the most popular methods of mole removal comes in the form of radio surgical mole removal. This form of removal uses a device that emits high frequency radio waves. This will stimulate the liquid inside the mole and cause the cells to vaporise. This in turn means the mole disappears and the patient is left mole free. The great thing about this process is that it takes around 20 minutes and requires just a single visit in most cases. There is no scarring, something there can be with other treatments, and the area heals within a couple of days. In addition, the mole can be send away for testing to ensure that there are no harmful cells.

So, as you can see moles are common, generally harmless and if you want them removed this can also be easily achieved. All in all they’re nothing to worry about.