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Why to Sanitize

There are many reasons to constantly sanitize during 2020. With the inclusion of COVID-19 cases, it’s critical to remain as clean as possible. People like Benjamin Harow have been sanitizing even more than usual due to the fear of spreading the virus. It is paramount that when an individual touches any surfaces, especially outdoors, that they sanitize immediately after. 

When it comes to keeping up the habit, carrying a small can or spray of sanitizer can be very beneficial. If one keeps a larger bottle in a car or at home, it wouldn’t be as useful as caring for it on oneself. Especially when it comes to children, sanitizing is critical. Many parents have given their children fun scented hand sanitizers to keep them entertained while using it. Children are known for touching a multitude of different surfaces and then sometimes putting their hands straight into their mouths. It’s human nature to do so, but this could be very devastating for them if they were to get sick. That is why maintaining a constant habit of studying as Benjamin Harow does, is important. COVID-19 still doesn’t have a cure so washing hands for more than thirty seconds or sanitizing regularly is a must.