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Workouts That Help Increase Stamina


Stamina can actually be described as the ability that the body has, in bid to withstand any exertion physically, over a long duration of time. Generally speaking, stamina is what enables the body to be able to have endurance for workouts that are very highly intense, and done for short periods of time; as well as those that are of low intensity, and are done over long duration. There are quite a number of exercises that can help in increasing stamina. Most of these exercises are often so beneficial to the body. One must however learn how to balance between giving the body enough rest, exercising right and also getting to eat the right kind of food. This is in order to sustain the right kind of stamina over long periods of time. There are certain workouts that can be done in a bid to help improve stamina. Discussed below are some of the workouts that can be done, in a bid to help people such as Alexander Djerassi to increase their stamina to full potential.

Specific Workouts that help in Increasing Stamina

The following are some of the exercises that can greatly help in increasing one’s stamina:


Running is by far one of the most effective ways by which an individual is well able to increase their stamina and also improve their metabolism. This is mostly because running helps in having the fat reserves burnt very fast and in turn also increases the capacity of glycogen in the muscles. Because of this, one has to run for much longer distances in order to help in the burning of excess fat. This method has been proven to be very effective and efficient.

2.Training using weights

Effective use of weights for training purposes is also very effective. This is mostly because weight training often goes a very long way in helping to develop the skeletal muscles. In turn, building the muscles will then help greatly to increase one’s stamina. One can use weight bars, dumbbells and kettlebells in a bid to help in targeting specific muscle areas.

Carrying out a combination of weight training as well as cardio is often a very effective method of improving stamina and helping to strengthen the muscles. In addition to the latter, excessive weight will also be quickly and easily shed off. This is one of the very efficient methods that can be used by individuals such as Alexander Djerassi, in a bid to help increase stamina.


This is yet another important and effective workout that can help to effortlessly increase one’s stamina. While doing this particular workout, one has to ensure that they put very little pressure on their joints. This will go a long way in helping to tone the muscles. This is because the muscles will be working very hard in a bid to keep thrusting the body forward while exercising. This way, one will end up having a body that has increased stamina. Additionally, the body will be very healthy, lean and free of unnecessary fats.