15 Foods to Avoid if You Have Diabetes

It seems like every day  we’re educated by social media about a new health trend everyone needs to start implementing in their lives. Unfortunately, many of these claims have no scientific backing and are unproven. With so much “information” out there, knowing how to eat healthy can be confusing. Everyone seems to be claiming they have the secret recipe to a healthy diet. With all this confusion you may be asking yourself, what’s actually healthy and what isn’t? Many products have the words gluten-free or organic on them and claim to be good for you. These type of labels tend to give us a sense of security that we are eating healthy, even if we aren’t.

This confusion of knowing what food is harmful to the body is even worse for people with health ailments, such as diabetes. With diabetes, one must be more cautious about what foods they put into their body. Blood sugar, also known as blood glucose, is a result of your body turning food into a sugar that can be used for energy immediately or stored for later use. Diabetes is a disease that results from having high levels of blood sugar and since too much sugar in your blood is harmful, a diabetic should know how eating affects their blood sugar level.

There are many places one can look for tips on how eat a healthy diet with diabetes, but many views are conflicting and unproven. There are however, a few tips that have weathered the test of time and have been proven to be effective.

Pritzker Law, a national law firm dedicated to helping injured people, recently created an infographic that outlines 15 foods to avoid if you have diabetes. These tips are proven and effective. Next time you’re in doubt if a food should be avoided or not, this graphic may come in handy.