4 Tips for Handling Panic Attacks

4 Tips for Handling Panic Attacks

The Pandemic of 2020 brought on panic attacks for many people as the uncertainty of the virus truly took its toll on people all around the world. The numbers alone were enough to send anyone to a panic attack as the virus reached into the millions and the death rate was unbelievable from the onset. Although the pandemic is ongoing, things are somewhat functional but for a lot of those who lost loved ones and the many essential workers, especially those in the medical field, all of it was overwhelming and quite a few people began to suffer from panic attacks. The world is constantly changing and to live through such an event of this magnitude has caused things in everyday life to be put in a different mode and has caused light to be shown on many health issues such as panic attacks. Panic attacks are sudden emotions that can cause rapid heartbeats and hyperventilating being unable to breath. The emotions are mostly a rush of fear or anxiety and it can be debilitating especially if it is one’s first attack and that person has no idea what is going on. Many people like Alexander Djerassi feel that it is important to have open discussions and get information to people about panic attacks and include tips on how to handle them. Therefore, here in this discussion, 4 tips for handling panic attacks will be reviewed and hopefully will be helpful for not only essential workers and those who are out there on the frontlines dealing with the various surges of the ongoing pandemic but hopefully it will be helpful and encouraging for anyone who has deal with loss of love ones and even their own personal experience with the virus or just plain everyday life. Here goes.

1. Tip number one should be to immediately begin to take breaths in and out very deeply. Taking air in through the nose and releasing it the air out from the mouth. Feel the air as it slowly fills the chest and abdomen with a big inhale and as it slowly exhales from the abdomen and chest. One should count as this is done. Inhale for four counts and hold, then slowly exhale for four counts as the air is being released. This tends to begin the calming effect.

2. With all of one’s mite, one should try to realize that they are not dying but are having a panic attack (this could be hard if it is one’s first attack; however….). However, trying to attempt to make this distinction, will help one realize that it is only temporary and it shall come to pass. Once the fear factor of dying is eliminated, one can apply other techniques to get through it.

3. One should close their eyes to help calm themselves. This is a calming effect that helps to reduce any fast paced stimuli in the area.

4. One should get grounded by applying mindfulness to get grounded into reality by touching something.
Use these tips as Alexander Djerassi would recommend.