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4 Ways You Can Help Manage Your Anxiety

Anxiety can feel crippling whether you suffer when you are in social situations or out in large groups of people. You could constantly find yourself worrying about things you cannot control. In today’s world with COVID-19, a number of people have felt an overwhelming loss of control in their life. The uncertainty of what is going to happen next can be too much to think at all, let alone rationally. Managing your anxiety can give you your life back but it is easier said than done. You need to proactively try to work on your anxiety by trying various strategies. The following are 4 ways that you can start managing your anxiety efficiently to improve your quality of life. 

Turn Off Work Email Notifications 

A number of people are working remotely due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Turning off work email notifications is important as you might always feel obligated. You do not have an obligation to answer an email off of the clock that can easily wait until the next day. Most emails are not an emergency but rather a manager/coworker that wants you to see they are still at the grind. You would be surprised how much happier you find yourself when you are not worrying about worry when you have time off. 

Start Exercising Regularly 

Exercising regularly can help reduce anxiety through reducing your stress. Clearing your mind and exercising is a healthy way to deal with anxiety. Finding something that you love like swimming can offer you a way to train your entire body in a low-impact form of exercise. People also find passions in exercising in group fitness settings due to the sense of motivation and competitive nature of the workouts. Your workout is just another period of time that you do not have to think about your problems or worry about what might happen. 

CBD Has Been Shown to Reduce Anxiety 

CBD has shown benefits for people that suffer from anxiety and anxiety-related disorders. The ability to live anxiety-free can change the lives of many people worldwide. Unfortunately, prescription medications that can be dangerous to stop taking and addictive are the normal recommendations by many physicians. CBD does not have any addiction potential physically and you will not see withdrawal symptoms. CBD for anxiety needs to be purchased from a trusted source that makes sure its vendors are lab-tested. 

Alcohol and Caffeine Are Not Your Friends

Anxiety can be heightened by a hangover as many people suffer from something nicknamed “hangxiety”. You might feel shaky or have a feeling of dread even though you did nothing embarrassing the night before. Caffeine is another substance you should consume with care if you suffer from anxiety. Too much caffeine can lead to high anxiety and the potential for an anxiety attack depending on the circumstances. People that might drink coffee throughout the day could consume far more caffeine than they realize leading to anxiety. You might want to medicate with either alcohol or caffeine but resist the temptation.

Anxiety is extremely common and impacts people very differently. Find what works for you and do not stop trying to find a remedy that you find clears your mind of all of the potential problems, both real and perceived.