Why Doctors Don’t Recommend Social Media

Social media has now been one of the most consuming ways people spend their time. Not only is it used as a way to express options online, but it can be used to share videos, photos, and so much more. With features like the Facebook marketplace, people can now even sell their used or new belongings online. This is all fun and games until people realize just how much time they are spending online. It is unfortunate to see that people are having side effects when it comes to the use of social media. This can include lack of motivation, laziness, fatigue, eye problems, and even weakness of the muscles. Benjamin Harow, a doctor, emphasizes the importance of taking separations and detoxes from social media. The more a person spends on their devices, the fewer people are active. Usually, when a person is on their phone for hours at a time, they are in a very still position. This could result in a high lack of muscle strength and many more negatives that come with it. 

Eyesight and eye movement are very important. If a person is constantly using their devices and not moving tier eyeballs at a constant rate, this could be damaging to a person’s sight. After a few months of just constantly being on a phone or laptop, eyesight will dwindle down. This is because when a person is not stretching out their vision, there is no need for the eyes to look further away. This can cause things to appear blurry after a certain amount of time. In addition, children especially are affected by these devices because of the blue light. This can cause headaches and pains that end up being long term issues. It’s difficult to diagnose such an issue because there is no medicine that exists yet to conquer blue light technology. Doctors recommended that the best medicine is just shutting off the devices and looking at natural lighting rather than blue. Furthermore, if a child is destined to be on the devices because of online school, thanks to the pandemic, blue light glasses are definitely recommended. This help revert the screen light into a more natural one. This is a great way for people to refrain from getting as many migraines and headaches during their work periods. 

Obviously, doctors want the youth of the world to be as healthy as possible. As innovative and fun as social media or video games can be, it is not ideal for a person’s health. Muscles can weaken depending on how much time people stay in one position. If people have the gift of movement and activity, they should use it. There are many who wish that their children would spend more time outside and in happier mediums. This can be done by refraining their use of technology and making them participate in outdoor activities. Benjamin Harow makes sure his kids get the right amount of outdoor exposure in the safest way possible. Social media can be used, but it’s preferred to be done in moderation.