5 Nursing Resources for Students and Practitioners

Nursing has been consistently voted the most-trusted profession in the country. That faith from patients and the public does not come by accident. Nurses are trained to care for their patients’ confidence in addition to their symptoms.

With such dedication to their patient’s safety and well-being, it’s not surprising that there is a lot of demand for mobile applications to help nurses stay on track. Nursing apps can improve efficiency and even enhance a patient’s health care.

This market survey pulls together a list of five excellent nursing apps to cover just about any nursing contingency, beginning with student nurses. Schools such as Queens University of Charlotte are enthusiastic supporters of student nursing apps, which help students with their oftentimes arduous studies and nursing certification examinations.

Once graduated, a nurse has a wide range of choices in where and how she wants to use her nursing certification. Nurses can volunteer abroad or choose to jump right in to a full-time career at home. Wherever a nurse decides to use his or her talents, there are a number of fine apps to help keep up with the latest medical research and technology.

1. For Student Nurses: Davis Mobile NCLEX-RN Apps

Davis Company has been publishing nursing study materials since 1879. Its collection of NCLEX apps are a great resource for students studying for their certification exam. (AndroidiOS)

2. For Student Nurses: Human Anatomy Atlas

This award-winning app is both beautiful and useful with over 3,800 three-dimensional images of human anatomy and structure. It’s great for learning anatomy, and built-in quizzes will help you test your knowledge of bones and muscles. (AndroidiOS)

3. For Student Nurses: Med Mnemonics

Nursing school requires a lot of terminology memorization. This awesome app has suggestions for mnemonics (fun, easy-to-remember word-plays) to help the data stick in your head. (AndroidiOS)4. For Nurse Practitioners: Medscape WebMD

This app from the well-known WebMD provides access to a collection of medical news stories along with more characteristic features of WebMD including identification of drugs and conditions. (AndroidiOS)5. For Nurse Practitioners: Davis Mobile Nursing Procedure Checklists

Of course, no one is busier at a clinic or hospital than a nurse. He or she needs to stay on top of a variety of schedules for doctors, staff, and patients. An organizational and scheduling app will come in very handy. Check out this app for checklists covering 169 typical nursing processes to help you stay on task. (AndroidiOS)