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4 Ways to Get Back into Shape Before Summer Gets Here

Although winter is here now, summer is approaching faster than we think. While most seem to indulge in unhealthy activities while it’s cold, this is actually a good time to get back in shape before the warm temperatures get here. Even though activities are limited during this time of year, there are still ways to get the summer body you’ve always wanted. Here are 4 ways to get back into shape before summer hits:


HIIT, better known as high-intensity interval training, is amongst the leading workouts to burn fat and tone up. Even though it is cold outside, HIIT can be performed inside. Choose one of your normal cardio exercises and kick up the intensity while performing it in intervals. This will make short workouts more intense causing you to burn more calories while strengthening your overall being.


Lift Weights

Nothing tones an individual up more than lifting weights. Even if lifting weights isn’t a part of the normal regime, it’s never too late to start. Lifting weights burns fat better than cardio does. According to Shape Magazine, […lifting weights burns fat all day long oppose to cardio, which stops the moment you end your session.] By doing this you can burn calories all throughout the day while your muscles repair themselves. Just make sure you eat a clean diet with enough protein.


Eat Clean

While this is obvious, be clear, it is no misconception. In shape physiques aren’t built by consuming a lot of things that lack nutrition, they are made by taking in the nutritiously rich items. If eating clean seems difficult, there are plenty of diet plans to follow as well as supplements and vitamins that help with nutrition. In fact you can purchase Phentermine online as a method to shed some serious weight quickly. Something as simple as a protein shake or general fat burner could assist with consumption. Cut the juke food and fats and grab some vegetables, protein and a glass of water!


Use Fitness Apps

Mobile applications have become an integrated part of how we live our everyday lives. Today there is a plethora of fitness applications that will put together a fitness plan, track your calories, provide workout techniques and even welcome you to a community of others that are also attempting to get in shape. Some of the more popular apps are MyFitnessPal, Fitocracy, Apple Healthkit and LoseIt.


Getting in shape is a process but given that summer is months away, you can start molding into the summer body you desire. While these are universal ways of getting in shape and apply to any time of the year, summer is the time to show off those results.