5 Things You Should Do Before You Get Married

Marriage comes after meeting someone and falling madly in love. Dating enables couples to get to know obstacles and challenges they are likely to face when in marriage. Sometimes a break-up happens when things are amiss. A breakup can sometimes help to determine if your relationship is meant to be or even last for the long haul.

Factors such as money, friends, polygamy and in-laws often cause break-up in most marriages. Therefore, it is important to try and rule out most of these factors before you get married. Here are some five things you should do before you get married:

  1. Exchange Your Phone with Your Partner

Snooping into each other’s phones is one of the worst mistakes you can make in a relationship. Exchange your phones for at least 48 hours to see and find out whatever you’d like to eliminate the need to snoop into your spouse’s phone in the future.

Let your partner access all forms of communication in your phone, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, texts and even e-mail. Getting time with your spouse’s phone lets you know that there’s nothing he could be hiding. Therefore, it eliminates the need to spy on your partner.

  1. Take Note of Every Fight

Record the number of times you fight with your fiancée before getting married. Play the record a week after the fight and watch it together.

It is one of the best ways to learn how to communicate in a relationship when angry with each other. It is also a good way to find out who dominates or talks more during such fights or conversations.

  1. Take Your Partner’s Friends and Family on a Date

Your in-laws are your partner’s siblings, parents or even cousins. Take them out on a date to learn about their perspective on the dynamics of the family. You might also be able to find out challenges you will face marrying into your partner’s family.

You’ll also be able to know how irritating some family members can be. With the information, you can come up with measures on how to deal with such problems.

  1. Swap Your Credit Cards

Money is one of the main issues responsible for causing fights in most relationships. It is mostly common among the newly-weds because sharing things such as money can be a big deal.

Swap your credit cards with your partner and compare expenses for any particular month on each card. The exercise can bring productive conversations between couples about their future in terms of finance.

  1. Go for Substance Abuse Rehab

If you or your partner is struggling with cocaine addiction, go for rehabilitation before tying the knot. It is a sign that you mean good for your spouse and look forward to a long-lasting marriage. It is important for both of you to commit to getting treatment as a solution to your partner’s problem.

Going for cocaine rehab can help you or your spouse survive cocaine addiction for a better relationship. Staying together means you or your partner can get each other into the addiction. On the other hand, separation could mean your partner risks getting addicted even further.


The things mentioned above will not necessarily solve all your relationship problems, but at least help acknowledge that you’ve got things to work on with your partner. Follow the tips to address weak spots in your relationship and thus strengthening your bond.