7 Awesome Apps for Allergy Relief

If you suffer from allergies, then you know how miserable they can make a person feel, and the way an allergy attack can ruin any plans you might have had for the day.

Fortunately for allergy sufferers, there are now many apps to help keep track of allergen levels and respiratory issues to help lessen, eliminate and even avoid symptoms.

Below are 7 great apps to help provide allergy relief:

1. Allergy Tracker (iPhone and Android)—

This app is intended for those with respiratory-related symptoms due to high allergen counts, such as pollen and ragweed.

If you experience asthma or hay fever during certain seasons, Allergy Tracker can help you stay on top of histamine levels in your current environment so you can pre-medicate if necessary to help eliminate and avoid allergy symptoms.

2. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunity (iPad)—

Created to help allergists and immunologists stay on top of the latest research and treatments, this app offers comprehensive coverage of all allergy and immune-related conditions physicians treat.

Offering current allergy articles and videos to medical professionals that can be easily shared with colleagues via Facebook or Twitter, the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunity app is loaded with helpful information that can be used to help patients.

3. Beating Asthma (iPhone and iPad)—

The Beating Asthma app was created to help asthma victims feel less like victims by allowing them to monitor and control their symptoms.

Made by leading asthma specialist, Dr. Stephen Apaliski, this app focuses on empowering those with asthma to take control of their asthma and regain their lives with an easy Asthma Action Plan and positive, informative research about this manageable disease.

4. ZYRTEC Allergy Cast (iPhone and Android)—

Funded by the makers of Zyrtec allergy medicine, this app can help allergy sufferers identify what might be causing their allergy symptoms and offer solutions to lessen them.

The ZYRTEC Allergy Cast app also allows users to create a primary location about which they can receive pollen alerts, weather forecasts, and even allows input for symptom-tracking, to help enable allergen identification.

5. Audio Book Allergies (Android)—

With all of the information delivered in an audio format, this is a great app for those who want to learn more about allergies and allergy treatments, but don’t have the time to read.

With Audio Book Allergies, users can listen to informative ways to test for and treat allergies, including alternative medicines and advice on how and where to seek help.

6. Allergy Manager (iPhone)—

This app was created to help those with respiratory allergies manage nasal symptoms, and includes local forecasts and allergen levels (such as daily pollen counts).

The Allergy Manager also offers the user the ability to keep a diary to record year-long symptoms, which can allow sufferers to pre-medicate and avoid breathing issues, nasal congestion, sinus headaches and other unpleasant respiratory symptoms.

7. Web MD Allergy (iPhone)—

The Web MD Allergy app can deliver daily allergen levels for your frequently-visited locations, or give you the allergy forecast for places to which you might be traveling with a convenient search function.

With a comprehensive library of allergy types and treatments, including natural remedies, this app can help anyone feel better, and even offers customized daily alerts based on your particular allergens and the forecast.

Allergies can be a minor inconvenience, an annoying day-ruining reality, or even send you running to the doctor instead of doing what you’d planned for your day. Use these helpful and informative allergy-related apps to keep your symptoms—and life—under control. 

Kelly Smothers is a professional blogger that enjoys discussing health topics. She writes for Filteryourlife.com, a nasal air filter company.