7 Ways CBD Gummies Will Help You Stay in Shape

Although CBD research is in its infancy, preliminary studies have revealed profound health effects of consuming CBD gummies and other forms of the drug with very few side effects. It’s derived from marijuana, but it does not have the same properties that alter your mental state.

Among the many health benefits, research has also indicated that it can be useful for helping you stay in shape. If you’re trying to up your fitness game this year, here are a few ways that eating natural CBD gummies could help.

1. Reduces Inflammation Post Workout

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of CBD comes in its ability to reduce inflammation in your joints and muscles. Inflammation while working out can be positive, as it helps your muscles heal and grow. This retroactive process of tearing, inflaming, and repairing leads to stronger, fitter muscles.

However, too much inflammation will result in exercise injuries like strains and sprains. It may also limit your movement in certain exercises, which can slow your progress or prohibit you from performing beneficial exercises.

Bringing down the inflammation through antioxidant foods, ice, rest, and NSAIDs like ibuprofen are the standard treatments for this issue, and CBD may enhance the effects of each.

2. Aids in Recovery

Because CBD reduces inflammation, it aids in the recovery of muscles. Faster recovery means quicker muscle growth and more obvious results.

To optimize recovery results, many eat CBD gummies the night before a workout so that the anti-inflammatory process can get to work immediately. Others say it’s best to eat them during a workout or immediately following so that it targets the muscles you used most.

CBD as a recovery aid will likely be researched thoroughly soon. “Most of what we know about CBD and exercise is based on anecdotal reports,” says Thorseten Rudroff, an exercise scientist and the director of the Integrative Neurophysiology Laboratory at Colorado State University. “There’s basically no research on the topic. We need to investigate CBD’s effects on inflammatory biomarkers [compounds like C-reactive protein in the body that occur with inflammation] in athletes and exercise recovery.”

3. Improves Sleep Quality

Perhaps one of the key factors in speedy recovery is CBD’s ability to help you sleep better. CBD has been used as a sleep aid for several years thanks to its ability to relax your body and ease your mind. It also has virtually no side effects, which is great compared with sleeping pills that leave you feeling drowsy long after you wake.

Sleep is one of the most important exercise recovery aids. During these essential eight hours, your muscles are allowed to go to work repairing your muscles uninhibited. When you sleep better, your recovery is less painful and faster.

4. Boosts a Healthy Appetite

What you eat is essential to a good fitness routine. It not only creates better physical results, but it also makes exercises easier and more effective. Most importantly, you want to stay away from processed foods and increase your consumption of proteins and fibers. If you’re a heavy weight lifter or runner, carbs are also essential to give you the necessary energy.

CBD has been linked with promoting a healthier appetite. It reduces symptoms of nausea and vomiting and may have you craving healthier foods. Since what you eat is linked so closely with how you look and perform your workouts, this is a huge perk.

5. Alleviate Pain

CBD’s ability to alleviate pain is one of the most important features about the substance. It’s an analgesic drug that helps to numb pain similar to the way ibuprofen works, although at a more effective level.

When you’re injured from working out or are experiencing particularly sore muscles, pain relief is paramount to the healing process. Best of all, it has significantly fewer side effects than other prescription painkillers.

Plus, it’s not addictive. About 33 million people report becoming addicted to prescription painkillers, setting them up for a very difficult journey of addiction recovery. Many are never fully able to escape this curse. A drug that can alleviate pain and aid in healing without negative side effects and addictive properties should be further explored.  

6. Diminishes Game-Day Stress

Another highly effective use for CBD gummies is the reduction of stress and jitters associated with “game-day stress.” Stress during exercise or sports can inhibit your ability to perform exercises properly. This leads to a higher risk for injuries and may make it difficult for you to get enjoyment and satisfaction out of your daily workouts.  

CBD has been definitively linked with a reduction in anxiety surrounding stressful situations. There’s more research relating to CBD’s use for reducing anxiety than nearly any other health benefit, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

Those who have used CBD to reduce anxiety and stress have reported a significantly calmer outlook when taking CBD. This can improve your workouts and encourage healthy social situations (such as going to the gym or an exercise class).

7. Increases Performance

Along with alleviating stress from game-day pressures, there’s also evidence that CBD may help you perform exercises and sports better. If you’ve paid attention to CBD mentions on social media, you’ll likely hear of avid runners or snowboarders using CBD to enhance their exercise.

There are few studies to prove that it can actually increase performance, but the fact that it helps with stress, pain, and inflammation likely contribute to better performance while at the gym. There’s something to be said about the therapeutic value of CBD and how it can help your body perform at optimal capacity.

When you’re ready to take your workout to the next level and reduce some of the discomfort associated with working out, CBD gummies will help you stay in shape. Just make sure you purchase them from a reputable source to maintain your health, safety, and legal status. With the right products, you’ll be very pleased with your results.