A Closer Look at Your Buttocks Augmentation Options

Celebrities such as J Lo and the Kardashians were some of the first people to make it sexy to have larger buttocks. Today, the buttocks have become a prominent feature and one that people want to accentuate.

If you also want to add more volume to your buttocks or create a smoother, more desirable shape, you can choose from one of three augmentation options.

Buttocks Augmentation – Understanding Your Options

When it comes to achieving a shapelier derriere, diet and exercise will only get you so far. Squats and lunges may be able to improve the shape of your buttocks but they won’t necessarily make them bigger or more prominent.

These buttocks augmentation details will take you through the options that are available.

Option 1:  Butt Implants

To change the size and shape of your buttocks, silicone implants can be inserted into each cheek. The implants feel solid but the results aren’t as natural as other augmentation options. While silicone butt implants won’t rupture very easily, there is still a risk of rejection and infection. Even poor aftercare can lead to unnecessary infections. If the implants are not inserted by an experienced surgeon, patients can also end up with uneven or unusual looking results.

Option 2: Thread Lift

The buttocks thread lift is not as well-known as the other augmentation options. This is a non-invasive way to create larger, shapelier buttocks. Performed using a local anaesthetic, a thread lift involves inserting a thread in a zigzag pattern under the skin using a needle. The thread grasps the surrounding tissue, which makes the buttocks look perkier. Results are instant and once collagen starts forming around the thread, your results will improve. Unfortunately, this procedure is known to produce sensitivity and numbness in the area but this does subside over several weeks.

Option 3: The Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is probably the most well-known and effective procedure for achieving bigger buttocks. Since no foreign materials are used to complete the procedure, it is much safer and healthier. To complete the procedure, liposuction will need to be performed on an area that contains excess fat. Once the fat has been processed, it will be injected into the buttocks where it will be shaped to achieve the desired result.

The incisions that are required to complete the procedure are small, which means there will be little to no scarring. Implants and threads do produce visible scarring, which is another reason why the Brazilian butt lift is the preferred option. One of the biggest plus points of this particular option is that the results look and feel natural. Your buttocks will even move naturally because your own tissue is being used for the procedure.

Regardless of the buttocks augmentation option that you choose, always make sure that your surgeon has the necessary qualifications and experience to successfully complete the procedure. Not just any doctor should be performing procedures of this nature so carefully consider your options before you go ahead.