8 Home Gym Essentials To Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

You’ve probably tried enrolling in a gym but it seemed useless because you always miss your workout sessions due to a busy or hectic schedule. That’s why it’s a great idea to have accessible gym equipment so you can stay healthy and fit even without leaving your home. 

Now you don’t have any reason why you can’t do your daily workouts anymore. It’s possible to set up a home Body Comp gym in your spare room or your patio. Just make sure you have these gym essentials to kickstart your health and fitness journey at home:

1. Jump Rope

If you want stronger cardio, get jumping using your jump rope. So, if there’s something you shouldn’t miss writing on your home gym essentials bucket list, it is a good quality jump rope. It’s a must-have for any home gym, and it’s fantastic for working on your balance and coordination. 

Beginners will surely benefit from jump ropes without question. Practice basic jumping, and everything will follow. Choose a wire lightweight jump rope to work on your timing and speed. A weighted jump rope is better if you want to work on your strength.

2. Dumbbells

There are many types of exercises you can do using dumbbells, making it a justified purchase. When choosing dumbbells, go for hex-shaped ones with black rubber coating because this type lasts the longest. Get 3 to 5 sets in weight range to accommodate different exercises so that you can gain more strength.

Here are other tips when buying dumbbells for your home gym: 

  • While there are round dumbbells, hexagonal dumbbells are better for doing press-up variations and don’t roll away when put down. 
  • Consider the weight. A fixed dumbbell system can’t be adjusted, or you can’t add weight into it, thus making progression tricky. It could be too light to add enough resistance or build muscles effectively, or too heavy for certain types of workouts. 
  • Rubber-coated dumbbells make less noise and mess compared to black metal weight discs. 
  • Talk to your previous coach about the best dumbbell for your home gym. Also, you can find great insights about choosing the right size and type of dumbbells for you at health and fitness sites, such as Home Gym Reviewed

3. Kettlebell

A kettlebell is a worthwhile investment for a home gym, allowing you to perform different workout routines. Choose kettlebells without painted coating. Also, big smooth handles will enable you to easily do more challenging movements, unlike with dumbbells.

4. Barbell

Without a barbell, your home gym won’t be complete. Barbells are better than machines because of the coordination and stabilization aspects. Pay close attention to the bar diameter if you have small hands, and you might consider buying a “women’s” bar. Whatever brand you choose, make sure to pick a sturdy and high-quality bar, but one that’s not too expensive. 

5. Weight Plates

Invest in a wide variety of weights, such as 2.5#, 5#, 10#, 25#, and 45# plates for stronger muscles. Get rubber bumper plates if you’re planning to train for Olympic lifting.

6. Rings

Rings are great for traveling and for your home gym because these are lightweight, adding another level to your ultimate bodyweight exercises. Rings add a whole lexicon of gymnastic exercises to give you added variety in your daily workouts. Choose a brand of rings that is easy to hang and light in weight.

7. Pull Up Bar

A strong pull-up is an excellent bodyweight exercise wherein you can test and build your strength in your upper body and build your back muscles. For you to achieve these results, you’ll need a pull-up bar. But who says that a pull-up bar is just for pull-ups? You can do different gymnastic exercises in a pull-up bar. You can mount your pull up bar on the part of a wall, a doorway, or an archway.

8. Medicine Ball

This is a great tool when doing plyometric exercises and core strength movements. You can throw the ball, carry it, or perform abdominal exercises. Choose a soft medicine ball, so it’s forgiving when you perform exercises involving catching and throwing. If you’re unsure about the right weight, choose the lighter option since many medicine ball exercises focus on power and speed.


Aside from buying weights, pull-up bars, jump ropes, and medicine exercise balls, make sure to have a good audio or sound entertainment system to enjoy your workout fully. It’s a good idea to invest in these home gym essentials, and once you have everything ready, you can better prepare for and start your workout routines to achieve a healthy and fit body.