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9 Ways To Bring In The New Year In Recovery

Cheers! The New Year is a wonderfully invigorating time because it gives us a chance to reflect on accomplishments from the previous year and to set new intentions for the year that lies ahead. For many recovering addicts, celebrating the New Year can seem a bit challenging because New Years Eve celebrations so often include the presence of alcohol. Here are nine ways to bring in the New Year in sobriety and health.

1. Take a Trip to The Outdoors

Avoid the distraction of the city and head to nature for a couple days to celebrate the new year. You’ll have much more chance to reflect here and to make the most of this night!

2. Host a Sober Dance Party

Dancing is a great way to celebrate, while feeling great off of the natural endorphins that your body produces. Have some sober friends over and pump up the music to get the party started right!

3. Achieve a Physical Fitness Goal

Have you been working on running a 5K? Or doing a headstand in your yoga class? Get some physical activity in on New Years Eve and see if you can start your first day of the new year feeling accomplished.

4. Try Your Hand at Gourmet Cooking

Embrace your inner sous chef and spend New Years Eve making a beautiful and decadent meal. Try a recipe or two that you’ve never made and cook something up for your significant other or friends.

5. Have a Movie Night In

Most of us have a long line of movies or television to watch, but there never seems to be time to get to it all. Make some snacks and use your night off for an epic movie marathon.

6. Do Some Writing

You’ve come a long way this year, so why not use this night as a chance to remind yourself of all that you’ve accomplished? Make a playlist of your favorite music and spend the night journaling about the highlights of the year and the things you are most grateful for.

7. Offer to Drive Your Friends Home

If you are going to a party where guests will be drinking, make yourself the most popular guest by offering to drive friends home at the end of the night. You’ll feel great about yourself and score some karma for the next time you need an airport lift.

8. Take in Some Culture

Stimulate your mind and make the most of your city by going to see a show of some kind. Many venues have great live entertainment on New Years Eve. Whether you’re in the mood for comedy, music, or live theater, there’s bound to be something up your alley.

9. Babysit or Pet Sit

If you’d rather avoid parties or going out, make a little money and help out a friend or family member by offering to babysit. Have a fun time celebrating with the kids or furry creatures and be in bed early enough to rise and shine with the first sun of the new year!

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