Alternatives to Soda As a Diabetic

Having diabetes can feel restrictive if you go out with your friends and they order something that you cannot have. Soda, for example, is something a diabetic should stay away from completely considering it doesn’t offer any real, health benefit. Those empty calories could potentially cause a lot of damage to a diabetic. But people with diabetes don’t necessarily have to completely give up and only drink water. There are some healthy alternatives to consider if diabetics want to enjoy a drink with a soda consistency. 

Zero to low-calorie drinks are going to be your best bet if you are a diabetic and while replacements don’t necessarily sound ideal, you can find options that taste great. For example, there are sports drinks that not only taste great but are more refreshing than sugary soda. They also provide you with electrolytes if you are missing them in your diet.  Also, there are low sugar sodas that are healthy for diabetics at your local supermarket. 

Tea is another alternative to consider if you are a diabetic but want to enjoy a drink that is not water. You could go with an unsweet or diet option. Some research analysts even suggest that those that are pre-diabetic should drink up to 6 cups of tea a day to prevent diabetes type 2. Green tea also could help those that are more on the unhealthy side of the spectrum due to all its healing properties. By drinking green tea, you could potentially reduce your blood pressure. Be sure to avoid any green teas that are sweetened. Even those that are lightly sweetened could cause harm so it is important to stay away. 

If you are in the need of a caffeine boost, you should definitely turn to coffee as a substitute for drinking sugary soft drinks. Experts have suggested that drinking coffee can help lower the risk of type 2 diabetes in those that consume the drink twice a day. This rule applies even to those that prefer to drink decaffeinated coffee. Like with tea, you should definitely avoid any type of sweeteners if you drink coffee. A good way to sweeten your coffee naturally is by adding almond milk.  There are unsweetened vanilla options that taste great and don’t add many empty calories to your diet. 

One of the biggest letdowns for those that have diabetes is not being able to consume fruit juice. Most fruit juice even natural options contain sugar, so you have to stay away as a diabetic. Luckily there are substitutions to this setback for diabetics. Instead of drinking fruit juice, you could turn to 100% vegetable juice as a hearty alternative. You can even make your own tasty vegetable juice at home by combining veggies with a handful of blueberries to add a natural sweetener that isn’t overpowering or completely sugary. 

Dairy should be a part of everybody’s daily diet and unfortunately many do not get enough. If you are diabetic and are looking for a substitute for sugary beverages, drinking milk is certainly the way to go. Like with everything, it is encouraged that you consume milk in moderation. It is suggested to drink two to three eight-ounce glasses of milk a day. If you are lactose intolerant, luckily you can get almond milk as a substitute that also tastes great. 

Instead of gravitating towards sugar beverages, you could always turn to water. Considering we need water to survive, drinking as much water as you comfortably can daily will drastically improve your life. Drinking enough water could remove glucose from your urine and promote a healthier lifestyle so be sure to head to the sink and fill up a glass after you finish reading this article.