An Efficient and Healthy Answer to Sagging Skin

Saggy skin has been an age old problem. While it’s completely natural to have saggy skin at certain age, not everyone likes to see it in the mirror and see their skin growing old. And this has been a problem for many around the world for a very long time. Until only a few decades ago, it seemed unsolvable, however, with the constant development in technology and medicine, we’ve now reached a point where this issue is a thing of the past. There are many clinics around the world, and especially in highly urban zones, which offer skin and facial treatments, which function to tighten skin and make it look younger. And one of the most potent of these treatments is Juvederm NYC, being a humongous city, is an epicenter of the beauty industry.

Just doing a little research can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in terms of skin and facial treatment and a little extra asking around can get you even further in the search for a clinic that’s right for you. But many clinics that specialize in Juverderm in NYC should offer some of the best results in the industry.

But what is it?

Juvederm is a special kind of compound, that lifts and tightens different areas of the face. Thanks to its amazing abilities, it can raise and tighten previously saggy skin, make it look younger and best of all, much livelier than it ever was in years.

The procedure itself involves a simple injection into a designated area of the skin. The compound is then injected under the skin, where it fills the area under the saggy skin and lifts it. It’s all really that simple.

What areas can be treated?

It’s amazing to think about all the different treatments that can be accomplished using Juvederm. NYC clinics, those that utilize it, will offer all kinds of different areas that they can treat. The most popular area of treatment using Juvederm is the face, more specifically the area around the cheeks. As they tend to be the saggier and looser areas on the face, the injection is most potent there.

But regardless of popularity, the injection can also work wonders around the eyes, eliminating the wrinkles and crow’s feet, around the mouth and near the lips. It evens out wrinkles, leaving behind perfectly smooth skin, that looks younger, more vibrant than ever before.

It’s somewhat amazing to think that there are even more ways of using this injection to treat completely different types of conditions. As of now, continuous research is being done on using the injection in the treatment of certain types of arthritis in different parts of the body. And while the research is still in an earlier phase, it does show great potential and boasts quite positive results.

But the main specialty of the injection is the facial skin. It is the most popular and potent way of using the injection and the results have been quite positive.

The Procedure Itself

As with any other injection, the procedure lasts only a few minutes, ranging from 20 to 30. Most importantly, prior to the procedure, you as well as the specialists at the clinic must determine which area of the face to treat. Now keep in mind, there are areas where the Juvederm works better than others, which is why the specialists will need to determine whether or not it’s most useful to use that particular injection in that particular area. But when all is said and done, the procedure itself is nothing more than a mere injection.

Obviously, on the side of the clinic specialists themselves, it is much, much more than a simple injection. But as a client, you should rest easy knowing that there is very little to expect from the procedure itself.

After the Procedure

On the other hand, the downtime after the procedure is something you should be wary about however. There are only a few side effects and they aren’t even that common. The side effects themselves are very small, ranging from a little itchiness to a little swelling up. Just make sure that you don’t scratch the area.

But the absolute don’ts following the procedure are very important. Following the procedure, it is very important to avoid drinking alcohol for the next 48 hours. Also, it is very much advised to avoid extreme temperatures, as it may have an adverse effect on the treated area.

But once these minor side effects have subsided, within the next 24 hours, you will already see the amazing results of the injection, as you skin is visibly smoother and younger. It only takes a day for the procedure to kick in.

So considering the short downtime and the immediate results, it is understandable why so many people are going for Juvederm in NYC.