Consumption Of Protein Powder During Pregnancy

The pregnancy period is a very sensitive one for the mother and the baby. It is for this reason that doctors and other caregivers advise that the mother exercise caution when it comes to matters of food consumption.

Interestingly, it is during these months that a mother develops unusual cravings and for some mothers, protein supplements top the list of cravings. Which begs the question, is protein powder safe for consumption during pregnancy?

Although cravings are not the only reasons that make a woman consume protein powders, some  gynecologists often recommend them for several reasons, especially for the health of the ‘bun in your oven.’

What are protein powders

Protein powders are processed protein substances that can be used as dietary supplements for pregnant women, bodybuilders, and many others. 

They are majorly from substances that have a high concentration of protein such as banana, soya bean, casein, whey, and hemp. 

What to look out for in protein powders

Dueto the sensitivity of protein powders and thepeculiarity of a pregnant woman’s body system, it is important to look out for specific features in your protein powder for pregnancy before you purchase or consume one.

  • Organic vs Inorganic: ‘The greener, the better’ doesn’t mean that the color of the best protein powders must be green.It simply implies that the best ones are the organic proteins. An organic or a natural protein powder is one without additives, preservatives, colors, sweeteners, and artificial flavors. Organic protein supplements are not just healthy for you and your child; they are also friendly to the environment as they contain little to no chemicals.
  • Plant-based vs. animal-based: As an expectant mother, the recommended amount of protein is perfect for you regardless of it being of plant or animal protein. Most women often have difficulty digesting animal-based protein which is why it is advisable to look out for the protein source before purchasing or consuming that protein powder. Plant-based protein powders like soy, banana, and hemp are easy to digest; hence, they are a better choice.
  • Nutrition is a critical factor: The major reason why you should consume these powders as a pregnant woman is dueto their nutritive advantages.  With many synthetic supplements in powder and pill form, the best bet is to go for the most nutritious. You can always find all the information you need on the pack.

What kind of protein powders are best?

Not all protein powders are best for the expectant mother and her unborn child. The best protein powders to take are the fermented ones. Fermented or fermentable protein powder is proof that the base protein is organic. Fermented proteins can easily digested and easy to assimilate by the fetus.

How to know when to take them?

When a mother notices symptoms such as fluid retention, frequent infections, and severe weight loss, she most certainly needs to take protein powders.

What is the recommended amount? 

Protein supplements are great if consumed in the right proportions. The recommended amount can range from 30 to 80 grams, depending on the weight of the mother.