Cycling Tips for Fat People

Now, don’t get me wrong right away by simply reading the title. The fact that there are a lot of people out there who wants to lose weight is not an unusual issue anymore. Men and women alike are trying their best to get the ideal body that they have had in mind for long ago. While some think it easy to go on a bike and do cycling to get fit, fat people find it a bit hard to do it.

So why cycle and why not cycle when you’re fat?

For one, the stigma of being fat alone can be emotionally damaging. Admit it or not, being fat and cycling altogether may not be easily accepted in the society. The fear of getting harassed with words, losing your balance, not keeping up or simply cowering over the thought of things not yet happening is enough to frighten a fat cyclist into getting a good cycling routine.

But forget about the fear, the anxiety and stress that you are currently feeling. If you can’t get yourself to go out and enjoy whatever’s outside because you’re fat and people throw offending words at you, cycling is one way on how you can make yourself have a good start and push through your goal of losing weight. So how do you do it?

Try stationary biking.

You might be too shy now to cycle outside. You may get off that fear by trying indoor stationary biking first. The benefits will be the same; you’ll cycle as you would like to do but you can do it inside your own home or in a gym. Stationary cycling allows you to familiarize yourself to this form of exercise minus the embarrassment that you might have had coming from cycling outside. The thing is, if you are too shy to consider cycling because people might banter on throwing jokes at you, stationary cycling would do you good.

Choose a bike that’s right for you.

Upon trying indoor cycling, you might have lost a bit of those fats leaving you to decide that outdoor biking is the next best thing. However, not all kinds of bicycle is right for you. Some may not be able to hold up your weight while some might be a bit uncomfortable for you. Choose a bike that is big enough to carry your weight. A good-looking bike would be no use if it’s going to break down the very first time you use it. European bikes for example are big enough to get you where you need to go and makes your riding them easier to do.

Make yourself adapt to your new routine.

That means helping yourself to stick out to a new diet plan. Cycling to lose weight calls for changing your lifestyle so you better eat healthy and hearty. Veggies, fruits and lots of water a day would get you to where you want to be in the perspective of gaining the right amount of nutrients and minerals. Paired with cycling, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle will get you to lose weight and see change in as much as within a month.

Increase the time you’re cycling.

Do not try shocking your system into cycling in one day that’s good enough for a week. if it’s only your first time to try cycling to lose weight, do it for at least 10-15 minutes for a week. Add 5 minutes on your next week and another for the next week after next. Continue increasing the time you’re cycling until you’ve maximize the time and the strength you can. When your body is really used to cycling like it’s something normal and usual for you, then you’re up to lose weight better and faster.

Cycle for fun.

It would take a lot of discipline and power to make yourself stick to cycling and keep to your goal of losing weight. Instead of looking at this activity as something that you have to do, consider it something that is fun and enjoyable for you. Take your bike to the park and enjoy the view, do group cycling with your friends or take your bike to span that distance to the supermarket from your home. You’ll find that the more you do it, the more you’ll find cycling as something fun and easy rather than a taxing obligation

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