Ear-Based Weight Loss – Now We Have A Problem

ear stapling
I was reading through my daily set of weight loss and fitness industry updates when I came across this article.  In a nutshell, it’s about a new (and a bit far-fetched) idea of stapling a certain part of your ear to lose weight.

The idea is taken from the practice of acupuncture.  It stipulates that an area in our ear’s inner cartilage is linked to endorphin emissions and functions of the stomach.  Therefore, based on this premise, ear stapling allegedly can curb our appetites, increase our metabolism, and make us feel happy overall via stress release.

Let Me Go Philosophical Here…

Although I don’t dismiss the practice of acupuncture at all, there’s a strong possibility that taking only a certain aspect of this practice – that is, ear stapling – can only lead to failure.  Even experts with years of experience in the therapy industry (as well as doctors) are doubtful that ear stapling would work as it is.  It can even lead to infection.

Despite the risk, and the lack of evidentiary support for the effectiveness of this proposed weight loss method, it’s baffling to see how many people are going crazy for it.

This weird and surprising phenomenon shows us some fundamental personality flaws that most people have when it comes to dealing with weight loss; and while these human flaws persist, we would always have an obesity problem.

There’s a Deep Desire…

For losing weight that is.  Based on the amount of discussions online and offline, the sheer number of websites about weight loss, the staggering activity of members in weight loss forums, the boatload of sales being driven by weight loss authors and products, and the huge financial pool that is the weight loss industry, there’s no denying that majority of people who has a problem with weight has the desire to lose it.

This is not like any other large problem industries like the “make money” or “auto loans” market wherein people who can’t find a solution just learn to live with their situation.  Those who can’t “make money” just go and live a simpler life.  Those who can’t get a car learn to take advantage of public transport.

However, those in the “weight loss” industry have really deep desires to overcome their problem.  I’m guessing it’s because this problem cover 2 important areas in our lives – vanity and health; and the thriving weight loss industry seems to verify that claim.

And There is Motivation…

On the flip side of this desire, however, is a powerful motivation to avoid as much work as possible.  Diet pills, weight loss shakes, slimming procedures, weight loss operations, and now ear stapling.  What these methods and products have in common is that they promise weight loss with as little effort on your part as possible.

It is always easier to just shell out money rather than working out and going to the gym; and most people would take that exchange rather than perspire any day.  Simply following the conversation with this ear stapling thing proves my point.

Obesity Would Always Be A Problem…

Natural Adviser experts agree that a combination of proper diet and exercise is the key to weight management.  Most would even suggest staying away from the pills, the shakes, and the procedures.  However, as you can see, the proper way involves a lot of discipline and work; and basing on the topic I just covered, people are trying hard to avoid that.

I’m afraid that, as long as we keep this attitude; and as long as weight loss companies and practitioners keep giving us false hopes and feeding us with these no effort weight loss products that don’t work or are dangerous, obesity would always be a problem.

Up until the time when people accept the truth that only a proper diet and exercise can help you lose weight, we’ll continue to believe the earful of lies and shortcuts we are bombarded with everyday.