Does your family health insurance plan cover pregnancy?

When thinking of the right health insurance plan to pick for your family, you might be confused with the wide range of options made available to you. While a regular health insurance plan prepares you for risks related to all aspects of life, some do not offer you the basic necessity covers.

One of the biggest milestones of our lives is having a baby. Pregnancy is a beautiful period of our life when we are ready to welcome an additional family member. However, the costs involved in pregnancy can take a toll on your current financial position. Considering that, it is most likely that the pregnant couple are young, this is the time of their lives where they will be growing financially and not fully stable.

Most people are not aware of the maternity insurance policy that are available in the market. It can help them waive off the financial burden during this milestone in their lives and focus on the health of the mother and child. Here is all you need to know about maternity covers and maternity health insurances:

About Pregnancy health insurance

The maternity health insurance covers pregnancy expenses, pre and post-delivery. With sky-rocketing medical expenses, it is of no doubt that these pregnancy expenses can be quite expensive for us. There are several aspects that this insurance plan covers, however, it is important to remember that the covers are limited to the total sum assured.

Here are some benefits of having a maternity health insurance:

  • Pre and post hospitalization cover

Pre hospitalization covers the cost incurred before being hospitalized, whereas, post hospitalization cover involves cost incurred after being hospitalised.

  • Pre and post-natal expenses

These include the costs involved in doctor visits, medication, post-delivery baby care and more. A high sum assured cover also includes additional costs such as any costs related to birth defects or any health complication during pregnancy and so.

  • Delivery charges and hospitalization charges

Be it normal or C-section, delivery charges can be quite expensive. During pregnancy, it goes without saying that hospitalization is a must. It can be for 2 days to 3 days or more.

  • Vaccination cover

Vaccinations are a must nowadays for our children with the growing number of spreading diseases and illnesses. It is a must for every new born child and need to be taken at regular intervals. The vaccination cover in the maternity health insurance will take care of the costs incurred for vaccinations for your child for a period of time. It can vary from up to 2 years until 12 years.

  • New born cover

There are many expenses that one might incur after the birth of a new born baby. The new born cover will look after these basic baby care expenses for them. The limit of the cover depends on the sum insured on the plan.