Eco-Atkins is a low carb diet that is rich in fiber and promotes rapid weight loss. It was particularly designed to improve heart health and help people lose weight. Eco-Atkins has been proven to drastically reduce blood pressure in a very short amount of time. The diet also helps eliminate a fatty tissue that has been related to a wide variety of heart diseases. You will lose about 8 pounds a month if you strictly follow this diet.

The great thing about Eco-Atkins is that it is incredibly filling. You will eat food that will provide you with a low amount of calories while at the same time making you feel full. It is perfect for people who cannot control their appetite. The diet is relatively simple. All you have to do is make sure that acquire 31% of daily calories from plants with high levels of protein, 43% from natural fats, and 26% from carbs. The vast majority of people who are following the Eco-Atkins diet eliminate animal products from their eating habits but it is not a requirement. So if you are interested in dropping a few pounds in a short amount of time Eco-Atkins is the right diet for you.