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Fighting Back – Don’t Let Your Muscles Age You

For decades specialists have claimed that humans inevitably decline physically and mentally as they age. The latest research on men’s aging and muscle mass counters that long-held hypothesis with new data that shows that physical decline is not inevitable after all. Here are some tips on keeping your muscles firm, strong, and protein producing well past 50 years of age.

Physical Activity

Walking, riding a bike, or running can all help keep your body chronologically younger than your years. The reason is that during exercise, the capillaries and enzymes in your muscles keep replacing themselves and rebuilding pathways as the muscular system requires more oxygen. That is why it may be a good idea for active adults to use building muscle after 50 supplements to augment their nutritional requirements during intense workout sessions. Along with a healthy diet, limited sugar, and proper rest, the vitamins and minerals can help you build and repair muscle mass as you age.

Muscle Mass

Muscle loss, no matter how small, can lead to dependence and frailty in aging adults. Rather than allow your body to become weaker and the muscle mass filled with fewer proteins or mitochondria, exercise such as lifting weights, swimming or boxing can build muscle volume and enhance their ability to function. Another surprise is that exercise can often reverse age-related muscle loss which is great news for anyone wishing to stay strong and healthy long into their 80’s.

Cardiovascular System

The most important muscle in your body is your heart. While the average heart beats between 90,000 and 120,000 times a day, the blood it pumps to every cell in your body is critical to your survival. As you age, your body’s ability to pump enough oxygen during vigorous exercise can decline significantly. That means you need something to support the life of your heart in both its resting and working capacity. Additional vitamins, higher protein intake, and men over 50 supplements can aid your largest muscle as it pumps life to every one of your cells.

Brain Function

When moving, exercising, or even during sleep, your brain constantly monitors the body. By offering the brain a more consistent oxygen-rich blood supply during exercise, you are not only building your muscle strength and mass, but you can also keep your brain from shrinking while keeping the nerve fibers strong. Additionally, the chemical messengers provided by the brain during exercise such as dopamine and serotonin can alleviate depression in the aging adult.

With the right exercise and nutritional program, you can fight back against muscle loss. You don’t have to let your muscles age you; instead, keep your muscles healthy for your entire lifespan.