Flexitarian Diet Review and Recipes

The word Flexitarian is a combination of two words: flex and vegetarian. The diet is based on the principles of a vegetarian diet but with some additional tweaks. The Flexitarian diet is great for people who want to lose weight and maintain a healthy body. It is highly recommended due to the fact that is incredibly rich with nutrients. On top of that, the diet shuns large amounts of meat. It does not shun meat all together, small amounts are acceptable. Many people recommend this diet because it is economical as well. Meat is more expensive than vegetables and this diet focuses mainly on the consumption of vegetables. So you save money in the long run.

Typically a Flexitarian diet day will be divided into three major meals and two snacks with a total of about 1,500 calories. Of course, the diet can be configured as you please. For instance, some people prefer to lower the total daily calorie intake to 1,200 while others choose to raise it to around 1,800. It all depends on your body and your personal goals. Regardless, the Flexitarian diet is a great diet to follow if you want to lose weight, save money, and keep your body in prime condition.