Having Your Medical Procedure Done In Thailand; As the Snow Flies, It’s a Great Idea!

Medical tourism continues to be Big Business in Thailand; a country that is blessed with both beautiful scenery and people, and some of the most economical and competent medical care in the world.

Outpatient Surgery for How Much?

A recent American tourist in Rayong, Thailand, needed to get an in-grown hair on his thigh, which had blistered and become infected, removed immediately.  He went to a local medical clinic, where the nurses and doctor spoke perfect English, and had the outpatient surgery done in ten minutes time.  The total cost, including antibiotics and pain killers, came to $25.00.  In the United States such a procedure would first of all taken a week to schedule, and even with insurance, the deductible would have amounted to over a thousand dollars!  Is it any wonder that more and more ‘farangs’ (Thai for foreigner) decide to snub their own country’s outrageous and uncaring medical system for the far less expensive and much more caring medical attention they can get in Thailand?  Especially at a world-class hospital such as Bumrungrad International Hospital, in the heart of Bangkok.  They have a price list for medical procedures that you’ll hardly believe!

There’s a Tropical Beach Waiting for You in Thailand!

It’s no secret that Thailand is as close to a tropical paradise as you can get in this day and age.  The gorgeously decorated Buddhist temples around virtually every street corner; the beautiful smiles that Thai men, women and children freely give to you on the street; the savory, pungent Thai cuisine, so cheap that a plate of shrimp fried rice costs as little as 95-cents per serving, and it comes to you wrapped in a banana leaf.  The beaches in Thailand are spectacular, and there are enough of them, free of charge, for anyone to find an isolated stretch for their own private swim and meditation at sunrise or sunset at any time of the year.  There’s sophisticated night life in Bangkok and private Buddhist lessons at monasteries in Chiang Mai or Khon Kaen.  The Chatachuck Market in Bangkok is a fabulous array of merchandise, so exotic and far-fetched that you’ll think you’ve entered a story in the Thousand-and-One Arabian Nights.  A complete body massage costs next to nothing – a mere five dollars for a full hour.

So if you are thinking of having a medical procedure done, or some cosmetic surgery, you need to give serious thought to coming over to Thailand to have it performed.  There are numerous family-owned-and-run homestay apartments within minutes of Bumrungrad International Hospital, where you can rent a beautiful serviced apartment for as little as $165.00 on a weekly basis; there you can recuperate in peace and quiet, waited on by a friendly Thai staff, who will think of you, and treat you, like one of their own family. Bring your spouse and loved ones along for the trip – they’ll love every minute of their vacation while you are taken care of.  The Thai staff will help you get your laundry done and bring you delicious, nourishing Thai meals that will speed your recovery.  And another wonderful aspect of Thai culture is that these sympathetic, patient and friendly people NEVER EXPECT TO BE TIPPED!

There’s a Smile to Every Mile!

Once you’re up and about again you’ll want to spend some time seeing the sights, either right in Bangkok or around the country.  Either way, transportation is convenient and inexpensive.  You can take an air-con bus to any of the larger towns in Thailand, sitting back in air-conditioned comfort as the verdant Thai countryside whisks by.  All Thais study English starting in grade school, so you’ll always be able to find someone to strike up an interesting conversation with, or who can help you with a question or problem.  Crime is a non-issue in almost all of Thailand, and the country has one of the longest, most stable constitutional monarchies in the world.

So come and get healthy in Thailand, and then enjoy yourself for just a few dollars a day!