Healthcare for the Gal on the Go

Managing work, home and all your responsibilities is already a lot. With all of this, you need to manage your healthcare and lifestyle too, because if not you, then who? You already have a lot going on and with your plate so full, you tend to avoid your health. This may not have any immediate effect but can be really dangerous in the long run. Ever thought of seeking external help, by this I don’t mean house help, I mean online doctors. This may sound a little weird as you might think how can a doctor know what you’re feeling without seeing you? With Plush Care you can talk to your doctor over call as well as get an appointment. There are certain symptoms you shouldn’t avoid.

  • Change in Eating Pattern:

One of the biggest reasons behind our health issues is our eating pattern. Skipping breakfast, not eating on time not only affects our pattern but decreases our metabolism. There may be a lot of reasons behind your lack of appetite, be it stress or fatigue. You should always consult a doctor in case you’re having disturbed eating pattern. Over eating and sudden increase in appetite is also a bad thing to begin with. Some tend to stop eating where as some eat a lot. Both of which are reasons of worry.

  • Colds and flu:

If you are prone to cough and cold and they are frequent visitors, there’s a high possibility of lower immunisation.There can be a lot of reasons for it. But consulting a doctor is really important. There is a high possibility of you being exposed to allergens. We live in an era of polluted environment and you can’t jeopardize your health on the grounds of negligence.

There can be a lot of symptoms to consider while consulting a physician, you need to make sure to choose the right physician and tell him about your sleeping and eating cycle, previous sicknesses etc. Here are few things you should do while taking help from a physician.

  • Tell your physician about your health care measures, the other physicians you’ve consulted and your detailed routine. You never hide things from your doctor, do you?
  • You must ask your physician about anything and everything you’re confused about. Make sure you can easily talk to your physician and are comfortable. He/she should be able to explain you the details of your sickness and treatments.
  • Your physician should be aware of your previous sicknesses, the medications you took, the drug classes you’re allergic to and almost everything. This not only gives your doctor an idea on how to treat you but also saves you a lot of trouble.
  • Prevent infections on all costs. Some little added measures won’t do any harm. Carrying a hand sanitizer with you or washing your hands before eating is the basics. Avoid using same towels or napkins; keep a healthy distance with people who have a cold or flu.

Healthcare begins at home and starts with you, don’t compromise with health. Money can be earned again but health lost is next to impossible to get back.