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Hormonal Imbalance in women and road to recovery

Has your skin suddenly become dry and patchy? Are you experiencing extreme changes in weight? Has your hair lost shine and volume? Are you often irritated and depressed? Well, if these are the symptoms you are experiencing for quite some time then it is possible that your hormones are playing havoc on the endocrine system. Hormone Imbalance or fluctuation often happens in a woman’s life in different phases like puberty, pregnancy, menopause, breastfeeding or post menopause but if you are living a perfectly normal life without any of the above situations then it’s important to pay a visit to a gynecologist.

Often unhealthy lifestyle, poor nutrition, obesity, intake of steroids or stress can result in a change in hormone profile that directly affects the endocrine system. Hormones are responsible for metabolism in the body, cardiac health, reproduction, growth, and development of the body and in case of imbalance its first target is metabolism. Metabolism of the person with hormonal balance will diminish marginally and will result in an increase in stress, anxiety, excessive sleep, etc. So how should one regulate hormonal profile?

  • Visit an expert gynecologist: Don’t be late and book your appointment with an expert gynecologist. He/she might suggest some tests that will give an insight into the exact situation and accordingly you will be put on a medication. The source or reason of hormonal imbalance is important to know before starting the treatment.
  • Opt for hormone replacement or birth control pills: Often females suffer from over or underproduction of estrogen or progesterone levels that can be regulated with the help of birth control pills or estrogen patches or rings. Hormone replacement medicine is also a better alternative when clinically prescribed especially in case of the thyroid as it will help to eliminate the side effects of under or overproduction of thyroid hormone. In case you don’t want to physically go to the doctor/pharmacy then you can get an online prescription from online doctors and order medicines online using vouchers from By discount codes.
    • Change your lifestyle: It is essential to have a well-disciplined lifestyle. It’s time to become responsible and quit drinking, smoking or late night parties. Detoxifying the body or mind will help to stabilize the hormones but it will not happen overnight. It will take time to change habits and lifestyle hence, it is important to practice self-control. It is also advisable to add herbs in your diet like ginseng or maca as it will help to reduce anxiety or fatigue.
  • Practice mind relaxation techniques: It is an old saying, “Our body is the reflection of our mind.” Hence, it is important to relax your mind, stay positive and make contemplation your habit. It will help to relax the tired nerves, reduce tension and also promote the production of happy hormones which in turn will help you beat the stress and regulate hormone profile.

Lastly, most of the people keep changing the medicines from western to eastern to physiotherapy to naturoptherapy and what not. It is advisable to stick to one branch of medicine and let it work for your system as frequent changes have more drawbacks than benefits. Verisana specializes in hormonal imbalances, metabolic disorders and all peripheral diseases that can make our body unbalanced.