How successful is IVF with Donor Eggs?

IVF with Donor Eggs is a fertility treatment option for individuals who are unable getting pregnant on their own eggs as the result of infertility. IVF with Donor Eggs is also the best option for a same-sex couple where neither partner produces eggs. When a couple cannot be helped through procedures such as in vitro fertilization, they may need to consider using donor eggs. Thousands of couples have become parents with egg donation as an infertility treatment. Donor eggs are extremely successful for women who have suffered a premature ovarian failure, recurrent miscarriage and other problems.

The woman donating her eggs is known as the egg donor, and the woman who receives the fertilized eggs is known as the egg recipient. In this process, the woman takes fertility drugs to stimulate egg production in her ovaries. Then after the eggs reach maturity, the eggs are retrieved by a needle. The whole procedure typically involves a doctor removing an egg or eggs from the Donor. And fertilizing them in a laboratory.

Success Rate of IVF with Donor Eggs?

Donor Egg IVF Success Rates means the percentage of treatment effectiveness in IVF with donor eggs or what number of patients after 1 IVF cycle gives birth to a child. Success Rate of IVF with Donor Eggs rises up to 70% in just one cycle. This means that on average, 1 in 2 women having IVF treatment with donor eggs will have a baby. The use of donor eggs is becoming more common, especially among women over 40. It is studied that in 2010, about 11% of all assisted reproduction techniques used donor eggs. 

If you decide to use donor eggs and searching for the Egg Donor in India then consult the Best IVF Centre in India for the effective outcome. The success rate of IVF with donor eggs depends on many factors.

Factors that affect the Success Rate of IVF with Donor Eggs

Factor#1 The Quality of the Donor’s eggs

The quality of donor eggs influences IVF success rates. Usually, donors are aged 18-35. Some research shows a higher chance of live birth from a fresh donor egg compared to a frozen donor egg. Fresh eggs result in a live birth around 50% of the time while frozen eggs result in a live birth around 40%.

Factor#2 Age of the Egg Donor

Age plays an important role in the Success Rate of IVF with Donor Eggs. In young age, the eggs are healthy, making the rate of successful pregnancies with donor eggs very high. It’s about a 50% success rate per cycle. Using donor eggs from younger women may increase the chances of pregnancy for women over 40.

Factor#3 Experience of IVF Doctor

An Experienced IVF Doctor can help you to choose the best Egg Donor for this process. The experience of the IVF Doctor and the quality of the laboratory are crucial factors which influence the donor egg IVF success rate.

Factor#4 Use of Type of IVF Procedures 

IVF Procedures such as ICSI, AH – assisted hatching, blastocyst culture & embryo transfer can increase the success rate of IVF with Donor Eggs.

Factor#5 Medical Condition of Both Partner

There is an additional factor that can influence the egg donor IVF success rate – it is your partner’s genetic material and the quality of his sperm. And also specific fertility issues make less success with IVF. A couple facing such issues like fibroid tumours, uterine abnormalities, dual infertility, and ovarian dysfunction have a low success rate of IVF with a donor eggs.

IVF with Donor Egg Cost

The cost of the IVF with Donor Egg for a single procedure will range from 500 to 600 USD or 30,000 to 35,000 in Indian Rupees. This cost of IVF donor egg varies significantly at different IVF Centers. Here’s a list of IVF clinics providing affordable IVF. The total cost of the egg donor will differ from one individual to individual depending upon the health condition, the needed number, and quality of the egg. If you want to know the IVF with Donor Egg Cost in India, then the Egg Donation IVF cycle in India is very cost-effective, particularly for other countries. In India, a regular donor gets about Rs 30,000-35,000 per procedure.

If you find yourself in this problem such as suffered premature ovarian failure, recurrent miscarriage, failed IVF and other problems. Then go for the IVF with Donor Eggs fertility treatment. Egg donor programs vary in their requirements, so make sure you have detailed information about the medical history, background, and education of the Donor. It will be better if you visit the Best IVF Clinic. And consult the IVF doctor to develop a well-rounded plan for your pregnancy with the Egg donor. Apart from these, women who try to achieve pregnancy through donor eggs should follow healthy habits. Healthy foods, regular exercise, and self-care are the best ways you can get ready for the journey ahead.