How To Encourage Young Children To Brush Their Teeth

As a parent, it is your responsibility to instill good oral hygiene practices in your children. There is no doubt that this task will be ongoing and extremely difficult. However, if you are diligent and patient your child will catch on fairly quickly. Encouraging a child to brush their teeth will be easy, but will they listen to your advice? Below, you will discover several tips to help you get your children to brush their teeth on a daily basis.

Create A Teeth Brushing Chart

Children are very adamant about trying something for the first time. However, over time they will become bored of the activity and want to stop. It is your job to urge them to continue brushing their teeth throughout their childhood and adolescence. You can do this with a kids teeth-brushing chart, which will include every day of the week, with congratulatory milestones. For instance, a chart with each day of the week and funny characters positioned at the end of each week. Once the child reaches the funny character, they will be allowed to pick out a fun activity to participate in.

The chart will encourage your child to brush their teeth, so they can enjoy a fun activity on the weekend. Utilize stickers, such as stars, animals, hearts and cartoon cartoons to move the tooth brushing activities through the week.’

Give Them Some Control

Children love being in control of specific activities, especially when it comes to shopping. If you truly want to encourage your child to brush their teeth, you should take them shopping for a new toothbrush. Believe it or not, many retailers and pharmacies offer a wide array of kids’ toothbrushes, with funny characters on them. In fact, you can even find some that are designed like the most popular kiddie cartoon characters.

The dentist at Birch Dental recommends your child brush their teeth at least twice a day. The funny toothbrush will work wonders and your child may even want to brush their teeth more often, since their favorite cartoon character will join them.

Brush With Your Child

It is a fact that children replicate their parents in many different activities. For instance, young girls will replicate their mother’s behavior, especially how she does her makeup and hair. So, why not take advantage of this opportunity to urge your child to brush their teeth? Every time you brush and floss your teeth, your child will want to join you. Place the child’s toothbrush in your bathroom, so they will feel like a grownup, when they are brushing.

Frequent Dental Exams Will Help

Whenever you feel an extra nudge is needed to get your child to brush their teeth, you can always rely on your local dentist. In fact, many pediatric dentists and hygienist are more than willing to assist parents in encouraging their children to brush regularly. At the dentist office, the staff will give your child a pep talk, encouraging them to brush their teeth to avoid cavities. Routine checkups are also a great way to make sure your child does not have any issues with their teeth and gums.