How to Start Living a Healthier Lifestyle


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is often more about having a healthy self-image as well as a mental health that is strong and stable. One is able to have a healthy self image by being able to exercise and eat healthy. Keeping an intentionally positive attitude on the other hand often goes a long way in ensuring that mental health is great and well-taken care of. It is quite important to take note of the fact that all the choices that an individual chooses to take towards choosing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very vital. This is because the latter will go a long way to disable illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes and even stroke; that are often influenced by one’s lifestyle. Herein, we shall look at different ways by which different people, including Father George Rutler, can live a healthy lifestyle.

Ways by which can maintain a healthy lifestyle

There are different things that an individual can do to ensure that they are living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Below are some of the healthy living lifestyle practices:

1.Drinking adequate amounts of water

Water is often very crucial for different functionalities of the body. If one is intending to maintain a lifestyle that is healthy the amount of water being taken should be adequate. This is mostly because water is very important for carrying out different functions in the body that are necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

For instance, transportation of oxygen and nutrients in the body can only be done by water. Also, water helps with the removal of waste products from the body. Water keeps being removed from the body through perspiration, urine and movements of the bowel, every so often. Because of this, water needs to get replaced every so often in the body. Generally speaking, an average adult should be able to replenish the water that is being used in the body, and expelled out. On average, an adult should take at least 3 litres of water on a daily basis. This will go a long way in ensuring that one is maintaining a much healthier lifestyle.

2.Getting enough rest

Getting adequate rest is very important in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough hours of rest is actually one of the ways by which people like Father George Rutler can effortlessly maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is mostly because getting enough rest is able to go a long way in helping the body to keep away from unnecessary diseases and hence helping the body remain much healthier. One should thus ensure that at least they sleep for 8 hours at night, in a bid to stay healthy.

3.Exercising and eating right

Getting to do exercises every day, often works to ensure that the body is well flexed. As such, the body will end up being in the right shape, and in the process the risk of getting diseases is greatly reduced. This also helps in creating a much higher density of bones, hence creating a longer lifespan of an individual.

Eating the right kind of foods is also very instrumental in ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Getting a balance of the right kind of proteins, starch, fruits and vegetables is very vital. Actually eating more fruits and vegetables will go a long way in ensuring that the body is more healthy and disease-resistant.