Improved Fitness is Just the Beginning When You Take on Female Boxing

If you are looking to get back into shape or simply looking to improve your overall fitness levels, female boxing may be a surprisingly good alternative for you. While once considered to be too aggressive for most women, female boxing has surged in popularity with celebrity advocates like Khloe Kardashian and Adriana Lima.

The increasing popularity of boxing with women has blossomed as more women become aware that improved fitness is not the only benefit associated with boxing. There are a host of reasons to get involved in this ancient sport that can bring about a total female body transformation, but the key ones are:

●    A healthier heart. When it gets down to fundamentals, exercise is all about staying healthy for as long as possible. A proper boxing workout helps to exercise the heart by causing you to breathe heavier and for your lungs to pump oxygen around the body at a faster rate. This increased activity will help to build stronger heart muscles while reducing the risk of common heart-related diseases like stroke and heart attack.

●    Better overall fitness levels. The anaerobic and aerobic nature of boxing helps to build fitness in two different ways. 

-Anaerobic exercise is a high-intensity exercise that builds endurance. 

-Aerobic exercise is a gentler form of exercise that aids fat burning and helps improve cardiovascular health. 

Boxing is said to be a mixture of 70% high-intensity anaerobic exercise and 30% aerobic giving you the best of both worlds and building your overall fitness

●    It burns fat and calories. A typical boxing workout is likely to see you burn at least three hundred and fifty calories. A highly trained female boxer could burn as much as five hundred calories in a single session. The anaerobic nature of boxing will push your body to go beyond burning calories and help you to start burning fat.

●    Improve your overall strength levels. Boxing requires the whole body to repeat consistent movements throughout the boxing session. Regular female boxing training sessions will help to build speed and endurance levels, which will make you stronger.

●    It relieves mental and physical stress. Boxing activity serves two critical functions in this regard. It pumps endorphins throughout the body while reducing cortisol levels. Endorphins are the chemicals that create your body’s natural highs, and cortisol is the chemical produced by stress.

●    Improve reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Specific boxing drills will speed up your reaction times that can be transferred to other activities

●    An improved posture -the boxing stance requires an upright stance. Consistent training will help you to improve your regular posture.

●    Improved body tone – boxing doesn’t build muscle, but it certainly helps to tone muscle structure. There is no doubt the boxing is a workout for the whole body as you will use every muscle. Boxing will help to improve muscle tone in all the key areas, strengthening the core and toning arms, legs, back, chest and shoulders

●    Self-defence skills improve confidence. It’s a good feeling to know that you are capable of defending yourself if the need ever arises.

●    You can practice anywhere without going to any great expense. Boxing doesn’t require a lot of equipment. You can shadow box and practice your techniques by yourself, or if you have a sparring partner, all you need is some gloves.

If the prospect of getting into female boxing appeals to you, then it may be time to seek out some female boxing training at your local youth club.