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James L. Chappius MD FACS of Spine Center Atlanta

Spinal health is serious business. Without a healthy, functioning spine, you are unable to move and function in the world as you would like. Of course, the opposite is also true. It is for this reason, among others that operating on or areas near and affecting the spine can be a risky undertaking. In the event of failed spinal surgery, the patient is left with a significantly reduced quality of life. It is this reality that drives the work of visionary, founder, owner, senior orthopedic spine surgeon, and Chairman of the Board at Spine Center Atlanta, Dr. James L. Chappuis, MD, FACS.

More About Dr James Chappuis Spine Center Atlanta Treatment Center

With a practice spanning more than 28 years, Dr. James Chappuis holds 27 patents in spine surgery applications and hardware and has led from the front in his commitment to utilizing the most conservative treatments possible for spine-related injuries or chronic pain. He does this by offering a wide range of complementary and alternative treatment options as well as medical and wellness membership programs.

The Spine Center Atlanta is equipped with state of art facilities and resources that allow their highly skilled team of board-certified physicians to offer the expert treatment that patients will need. Much of this work is focused on repairing failed neck and back surgeries through minimally invasive, endoscopic outpatient spine surgery program. Importantly, the Spine Center Atlanta also features a comprehensive set of treatment options for those patients with neck or back pains and are in need of same-day, non-operative medical services, including:

– physical therapy

– aquatic therapy

– medical massage therapy and work conditioning

– Oriental medicine (including acupuncture)

– IFF therapy

– dry needling

– cryotherapy

– regenerative stem cell therapies

and more. What perhaps makes this wide array of services even more impressive, is that the Dr James Chappuis Spine Center Atlanta provides these expert care services from the comfort of home or while on-the-go through virtual consultations. These virtual consultations are facilitated exclusively through board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C) and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), Ashley Kuruvilla. Similarly, virtual consultations are available with Drs. James Chappuis, MD, FACS and Julio Petilon, MD for those patients in need of surgery.

The services offer through the Spine Center Atlanta are perfect for:

– Adults who suffer from chronic neck or back pains

– Athletes who suffer from chronic neck or back pains

– Anyone who wants to enjoy the convenience of consistent, reliable healthcare from the comfort of their homes

Anyone fitting any of the aforementioned criteria will find the consistent, optimal patient results and exclusive financing options a welcome departure from their typical run of the mill healthcare experience. They will find the center’s outpatient, same-day, and failed spine surgery programs to be particularly useful. For those who prefer the convenience of healthcare from the comfort of their home, they will be able to capitalize on all the virtual consultation and telemedicine options that are currently available.

A Foundation for the Arts: Moving Beyond the Dr James Chappuis Spine Center Atlanta

Impressively, Dr. James Chappuis has been able to replicate his innovative business model in various cities across the United States – for example, with the Spine Center Savannah. In West Midtown Atlanta, he has also founded the Westside Cultural Arts Center, where his passions for giving back to the community and for art are successfully combined. The Westside Cultural Arts Center provides members of the community with a well-equipped, safe-space for creative and cultural expressions, as well as a place to ‘hang out.’ As for the Spine Center Atlanta treatment center, the best is yet to come as Dr. James Chappuis and his team continue to innovate and offer increasingly more outpatient services and facilities Combined with the work of the cultural arts center, Dr. James Chappuis is helping make the Atlanta community rounded and whole in its development and quality of life, one person at a time.
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