Massage Your Way to Better Health: The Benefits of Massage Therapy

sleep-835468_1280There are very few people in life who would turn down a massage. For good reason. Massages are awesome, and people have known this for a long time. Massage therapy has been a practice used for ages to break down the body in order that it might build itself up again to become stronger than before.

Whether you’re an athlete looking for relief from hours of overworking muscles, or you just enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that massages provide, massage therapy is a practice you should get in the habit of practicing more…or at least you should get in the habit of scheduling more sessions.

Though it may or may not take a lot of convincing, massage therapy offers many health benefits to an individual. The only factor that might deter you from getting one every week is the price. The sum for an hour of a massage therapist’s time can seem hefty, but there is a lot of calculation that goes into determining the proper charge for a service such as this. Once you hear the benefits of massage therapy, you’ll realize the price is worth the rewards you reap.

It Improves Circulation

It doesn’t matter if you work a desk job, if you spend all hours of the day running after and picking up small children, if you stand on ladders and contort in awkward positions to paint a wall, or if you are on your feet all day, everyone feels the pressure of life and gravity on their bodies, especially after a long day.

If you’re sore from a strenuous day, or you’re stiff from a long week sitting in college lectures, it’s scientifically proven that massages help improve circulation. As a therapist works your torn and knotted muscles, blood flow is being reintroduced to areas that otherwise lacked proper circulation. When things are able to flow properly, that’s when the body is able to heal itself, so massage is the first step the direction of self preservation.

It Soothes You

Men and women alike are known to come home from a day at work looking for something to soothe their stresses away. Human touch such as a hug, or a massage in this case have been known to bring comfort to people when they’re feeling emotions like anxiety, sadness, stress or depression.

Physical touch releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. Combine a healthy physical touch with the scientific benefits that come with massage and it’s a recipe that’s guaranteed to win you first prize in this thing called life.

There is really no end to the benefits that massage therapy brings to an individual. Try getting a massage once a week for just a month and you’ll be sure to notice a difference in the way you feel not only in your body, but also in your mind. Life is toxic. Massage therapy is a great way to get those toxins moving in a direction away from your body that will aid in a healthier life overall.