Men vs. Stress: 7 Ways to Calm Your Nerves After a Tedious Day

Whether it’s just another boring day at the office or another Sunday spent tending to overdue housework, a tedious day can be just as stressful as a busy day. While it feels great to get those tasks off of your to-do list, it can leave you feeling drained and overworked by the end of it. For those bland and boring days, we’ve got a list to help you out. When you need to de-stress — and we mean de-stress fast! — we’ve got the top seven ways to help you out!

Top 7 Ways to Calm Your Nerves

Before we get too far into how to calm your nerves, it’s important to note that stress isn’t always a bad thing. While we often associate stress with premature aging or heart attacks, stress can also have a benefit to us. It’s what pushes us to reach those tight deadlines and is always forcing us to do our best. Really, it’s over stressing that causes those nasty health concerns. That’s what makes these relaxation tactics so important. While stress can be good for us, we’ve got to learn how to let it go.

If you’re struggling with letting go after a long, hard day, try some of our favorite methods:

1. Embrace Your Fears.

For those who suffer from intrusive thoughts throughout the day, you may be trying to force yourself to run and hide from them In fact, it’s often a better idea to face these fears head on. Don’t be afraid to examine your feelings and really understand why you’re stressing.

2. Rein in Unrealistic Thoughts.

Many times, we’re worrying about things that are never going to happen. for instance, you might feel like messing up on one work assignment will ruin your career. Realistically, a single bad experience is nothing more than a learning opportunity, and the thought that it will ruin our lives is just the anxiety talking. Try taking a logical approach to the things you’re stressing about.

3. Relax Your Body.

It’s not unusual to feel your heat racing or your palms sweating when dealing with stress. Take the time to try to calm your physical body. Try taking up some deep breathing exercises or looking at yoga to help you out.

4. Be Mindful.

Whether your mindfulness is brought on by meditation or you’re reaching for a pens for vaping, try taking some time out of your day to just be mindful of the things around you. Take just five minutes to stop fretting about tomorrow and simply live for the moment you’re in.

5. Be a Problem Solver.

Once you’ve calmed your mind and body, it’s time to tackle your worries in a calculated way. Don’t be afraid to look at these issues logically and resolve each issue one at a time.

6. Try Something New.

When your mind is stuck in a tornado of worry, sometimes you just need something new to break your habit. Try going for a hike or taking upc knitting. Watch a movie you never thought you’d watch or try cleaning out that closet you’ve been avoiding. Sometimes a simple change of routine can help change your entire outlook.

7. Worry in Moderation.

Finally, if you have to worry, try doing so in specified time slot. Sometimes, there’s just no way to avoid our worry, but you don’t have to let it burn you out. Instead, block off a half hour time period to let your mind roam free.

Stress is a natural part of life, but it doesn’t have to leave you drained and worn out. Try each of the seven steps above and take the time to really take care of yourself. After all, you’ll be no good at resolving your problems if you’ve wasted all your energy worrying about them!