Mens Health: 6 Healthy Habits To Establish For 2014

For men, it can be difficult to stay healthy with a busy work schedule and attempting to manage both a personal and professional life. With stress, a poor diet, and lack of exercise, it can quickly lead to declined overall health and even a shorter lifespan. Fortunately, there are several ways to stay healthy in the new year with simple habits that are easy to implement and practice.


1. Stay Hydrated

Instead of reaching for an energy drink, soda, or alcohol, it’s important to increase overall hydration by consuming more water. Experts recommend getting 64 ounces per day, which will lead to more energy and increased weight loss. Now if you are coming from the habit of not drinking water this goal can seem a bit overwhelming, but by setting small goals throughout the day and simply keeping a water bottle near by, it is a fairly easy goal to meet.


2. Incorporate Natural Foods in the Diet

Eat red meat in moderation and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into the diet while cutting out processed foods. Try juicing or smoothies in the morning. They will release the body of toxins and also provide more energy throughout the day, while keeping you full longer and cutting down the need to reach for treats or snacks.


3. Rest

For men, it can be difficult to rest both mentally and physically with the pressures and demands of a career and earning an income. It’s important to rest at least once a week to prevent burnout and work less than 10 hours each day, which will also rebuild your stamina and help you to thrive in the workplace.


4. Get Screened for Potential Diseases

Most diseases in men develop due to not receiving proper checkups throughout the year. It’s important to have your cholesterol examined, as well as HIV, blood pressure, and cancer. In particular, it’s crucial to schedule a prostate exam and undergo necessary Prostate Cancer Treatment in Florida or wherever you live if the disease is detected.


5. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Consistent consumption of alcohol can be damaging to the heart and also increase the risk of cancer, making it important to have moderation and resort to nonalcoholic beverages. This can be hard for some and easy for others. But being aware of the risks of higher alcohol consumption is always helpful.


6. Wear Sunscreen

Excessive exposure to the skin can lead to skin cancer and increase the risk with age. Wear sunscreen with an SPF 30 and apply generously to the face, arms, and legs each morning. There are many face creams made for men these days that can help your daily complexion and include the sunscreen you should be using. Similarly, it’s important to wear hats when outdoors and avoid the direct sunlight between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m..


For men, there are many ways to practice overall health and well-being without having to resort to eating salads each day or become a gym rat. It’s important to practice basic habits to ensure a long and prosperous life that is void of illness or disease.