Myths about Testosterone Boosters

People who are interested in fitness or bodybuilding definitely know about the importance of testosterone in muscle building. Whether it is natural bodybuilding or bodybuilding with steroids, testosterone is very important and plays a very important role.

For this reason, there are various testosterone boosting supplements in the market. Now some of these supplements work and some do not. Similarly, some of these have major side effects while some others are quite infamous.

This has led to the rise in suspicion among masses as many myths regarding testosterone boosters have been circulating everywhere. There is only a handful of natural testosterone boosting supplements like TestoFuel, that actually work but it is important to bust these common myths about testosterone boosters.

1.    It’s illegal to use testosterone boosting supplements

Many websites and journals falsely claim that using any kind of testosterone boosters are illegal. This is a stupid myth because, in reality, the supplements are not illegal but some ingredients are. So, if the supplement being used does not contain any banned substances then it is not illegal in any way. While some athletes may have to keep special checks because of the strictness of the competition they are appearing in, it is completely okay for others to use such supplements for personal or medical uses.

2.    All testosterone boosters are harmful as they are steroids

This myth is also wrong in so many levels because although it is true that many kinds of steroids use testosterone as a primary derivative it is not in itself harmful. There are other ingredients in those steroids which when abused prove to be harmful. The same is the case with testosterone boosters because when used in the recommended dosage it won’t harm anyone. Also, natural testosterone boosters like TestoFuel are clinically tested so they are even safer than any other testosterone boosting supplements.

3.    Testosterone boosters make people very violent

Testosterone boosters are made to increase the testosterone levels of people who don’t have sufficient naturally. There are a series of tests that are conducted on the person before prescribing him with testosterone boosters. In these tests all about their body and hormones is checked and changes in these levels are noticed by the doctors every now and then so that the person does not face any kind of side effects like being too violent or uncontrollable. Usually, such case comes into the light for those people only who overdo it and consume much more than the clinically recommended dosage.

4.    Testosterone Boosting Supplements Cause Cancer

There are no tests, studies or evidence that can prove that testosterone boosting supplements are responsible for causing prostate cancer. These myths are just a result of word of mouth from people who hear stuff and spread the same stuff to others and the cycle continues. Today, it has become such a big issue that it had to be researched to prove such myths wrong. Obviously, a person’s previous medical record needs to be checked and considered carefully before starting the dosage of testosterone boosting supplements.

5.    Testosterone supplements can make you go bald

This is the only myth in the list that makes little sense but it is still not true. Let us explain why. The main reason for complete baldness or loss of hair is the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT. Now, our natural testosterone converts into DHT only when an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase is present. Natural testosterone boosters like TestoFuel have no trace of this enzyme so it proves that only the testosterone supplements which contain this enzyme can cause baldness.

Final Verdict

It is never wise to just listen to someone’s opinion regarding such things. A person should always consult a medical professional and get some guidance regarding the usage of testosterone boosters.

Everybody has a different body and reacts to alien stuff entering the body differently so advice from random people can never be helpful in such cases. One should always listen to his doctor’s advice and in no case exceed the recommended dosage of any supplement in any case. This is what leads to various side effects and some of them can be pretty harmful too.