Non surgical ways to treat pain

Over time, humans have been suffering from pain. Any level of pain causes discomfort and hinders our productivity. So depending upon the region of pain and the intensity of pain, we can minimise the effects of pain using several non-surgical ways.

  • Heat

It is one of the oldest techniques to treat pain. In olden days, people used to boil water with herbal leaves like eucalyptus and neem, dip a cloth in this water and apply the hot cloth on that area of pain. This used to work in terms of physical strain caused body aches and pains. Nowadays we have modern equipment like heat wave diathermy having the same effect.

  • Cold

This is another kind of time tested method where ice packs or frozen gels are applied to the injured areas. This is commonly used in terms of sports injuries and sprains.

  • Massage

Ayurveda is all about using various warm oil and massaging the body to release all the pressure points in the muscles and joints.

Aromatherapy is another form of massage using essential oils to soothe our body of anxiety and stress.

  • Music Therapy

Listening to music is a guaranteed method to ease pains. It is commonly used during and after childbirth to soothe the mother and child through labor. Your favorite genre is the best to distract you from your pains.

  • TENS

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy is a method of using electrical stimulation to ease pain, especially those caused by the nerves. It uses low voltage electrical currents, delivered through electrodes to the site of pain directly. These electric signals stimulate the nerves at these areas and thereby send signals to the brain, which in turn confuses the brain and helps in diverting the sensation of pain.

  • Physiotherapy

This is a form of exercise done under the supervision of an experienced person. They help in strengthening weakened muscles and help in strengthening all the sore muscles. They also use modern equipments like TENS, Diathermy, biosignals, and so on to aid in improving the pain.

  • Acupuncture

This treatment was first introduced in China, which involves using needles inserted at specific points in the body. These acupoints are near the nerve endings, which gives a dull ache to the muscles, which in turn provide a signal to the brain, thereby releasing endorphins which prevent the pain being sensed. It is mainly used for healing purposes, but it works well for several other diseases too.

  • Reiki

This associated with the healing touch of a practitioner who masters the art of Reiki. This form of healing helps in activating self-healing, thereby reducing the main one feels. These are based on energy transfer and does not require physical contact but requires close proximity to the practitioner.
Pain management doctor follows these practices to relieve you from pain. If you have any kinds of pain, first consult a doctor before starting any kind of self-healing or other practices.